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Touring the Sports Hub

Published: 20 Sep 2014

Cutting edge technology and design flair make Singapore’s new National Stadium, Sports Hub, a flexible multi-purpose venue with a finely tuned audio network. Richard Lawn takes a tour

Stadia bear more than a semblance to the countries of their birth as exemplified by Singapore. The Lion State was only eight years old when its National Stadium was inaugurated by the River Kallang in 1973 and at the time it more than satisfied the needs of the young country....

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Robe BMFL hits South Africa

Published: 19 Sep 2014

SOUTH AFRICA: Robe’s series of global launch events for its new long-throw 1,700W BMFL Spot...

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Smart cities to boost A/V spending

Published: 18 Sep 2014

UAE: A report from InfoComm International states that Smart Cities will help to nearly double the...

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