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Under control

Published: 21 Feb 2015

With a common control package and a new blend for the main elements of the PA system, the technical side of Yasalam’s after-race concerts was as smooth as it’s ever been. James Ling reports

The technical side of the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix after-race concerts has evolved and adapted for every edition. For the last six years Delta Sound has been supplying the audio package for the Flash Entertainment organised event, and each time the needs of Yasalam...

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Wild & Marr offers BSS training

Published: 25 Feb 2015

SOUTH AFRICA: Wild & Marr is set two host three days of BSS training in Johannesburg in March....

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Apart Audio unveils web-based installer application guide

Published: 24 Feb 2015

WEB: Dutch-based Apart Audio has developed a new digital tool to better help installers cater to...

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