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Appetite for sound

Published: 22 Nov 2014

TW Audio and Powersoft have a new headline installation project at Asia Asia in Dubai Marina’s Pier 7 thanks to local systems integrator Pulse ME. James Ling takes a bite

Pier 7 in Dubai Marina has become one of the hotspots for new eateries in the Emirate. With the likes of Fumé, Atelier M and The Scene by Simon Rimmer, each of the seven floors of the venue provides a different delight for the palate. Offering a contemporary fusion of the Far East and the...

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New Yamaha flagship console launches at InterBEE 2014

Published: 19 Nov 2014

JAPAN: Yamaha has chosen InterBEE 2014 to unveil its new flagship console, the Rivage PM10, for...

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Ahmed Sabra joins Biamp ME team

Published: 18 Nov 2014

MIDDLE EAST: Biamp Systems has appointed Ahmed Sabra as its technical projects manager, Middle...

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