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The loudness question

Published: 19 Jul 2014

Dubai Media Incorporated has tackled loudness control across all 12 of its television channels with the use of Orban’s Optimod-TV processors. James Ling finds out more

The raft of regulations that have been implemented around the world has made loudness one of the hottest topics in the broadcast industry. Broadcasters are thinking in an ever more global manner and need their content to be compliant where ever it is transmitted. As such, adherence to...

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Crown launches free DCi certification programme

Published: 23 Jul 2014

WORLD: Crown Audio has begun to offer a free online certification programme for its DCi Series...

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How will Mall of the World benefit Dubai’s pro audio industry?

Published: 22 Jul 2014

UAE: Dubai has announced another huge-scale construction project in the shape of Mall of the...

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