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Team spirit

Published: 11 Oct 2014

A co-produced concert by Greek/American musician Yanni is part of a wave of international productions travelling to Sri Lanka. Caroline Moss reports

Sri Lanka is finally emerging from years of warfare, compounded by the 2004 tsunami which wreaked havoc on the island. One sign of the country’s new stability is the arrival of international touring musicians, including Greek artist Yanni, who paid a recent visit to the capital, Colombo. The event – the...

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QSC's Bob Lee presented with AES Fellowship Award

Published: 16 Oct 2014

WORLD: QSC technical communications developer, Bob Lee, was presented with an AES Fellowship...

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Seoul’s Lotte Cinema World Tower immersed in Christie

Published: 15 Oct 2014

KOREA: The newly opened, 21-auditorium Lotte Cinema World Tower in Seoul has been installed with...

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