Almoe finds green benefits

Almoe finds green benefits

Published: MEA

UAE: Almoe AV Productions and Rentals has recently completed a number of environmentally-friendly initiatives. The waste-saving practices have seen the company address how it powers its equipment and the materials it uses for events.

The most prominent area where the initiatives can be seen is with a recent equipment purchase. Almoe recently invested in 40 channels of Shure ULXD dual and single units and a 12 channel PSM1000 IEM system. These units come with the capability of using Shure’s own rechargeable batteries, so the company researched the advantages and drawbacks of using rechargeable batteries.

‘We researched rechargeable batteries for a while as we were getting increasingly concerned about using boxes of alkaline batteries every month,’ explained Almoe’s Bruno Vitanza. ‘Another consideration was that there were some disadvantages when using alkaline batteries. For example you cannot accurately predict the time remaining for regular use, so more often than not the technician onsite would replace them for new batteries before the show started, increasing the waste.

‘I have some experience with rechargeable batteries, and I know that the charge decay behaviour is different from alkaline,’ continued Mr Vitanza. ‘Rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries and other types decay slowly over time and then show a heavy loss on charge on the last few minutes making them more unpredictable. Alkaline batteries on the other hand have a more linear charge decay making them more predictable and gives you enough time to replace a battery before it is totally dead. We sometimes use lithium batteries but only on special occasions.’

Having explored the available battery options from a variety of manufacturers, Almoe opted for the ULXD with the rechargeable battery pack. ‘The advantages of this type of rechargeable battery is that the ULXD and PSM units give you an accurate time remaining in minutes,’ noted Mr Vitanza. ‘This will be an advantage, especially for the environment, as hopefully we will eventually stop contributing to filling the land with conventional batteries.’

Away from equipment purchases, the rental house is also looking at other ways it can reduce its impact on the environment. ‘We have developed our own InviFrame extruded aluminium system for modular backdrops that allows us to create screen surfaces and printed backdrops which are lightweight and flyable,’ said Mr Vitanza. ‘The system was designed back in 2011 by our technical director, Michael Fudge, inspired by existing screen frames and modified to suit our purposes, and we have been using it ever since.

‘InviFrame has been a total hit with our customers and allows us to achieve quicker and cleaner setups with a perfect straight edge,’ continued Mr Vitanza. ‘Our initiative to use InviFrame was pioneering, as common practice in the region is to use wood to build backdrops and other scenery items that end up as waste products.’

Staying with this theme, a final initiative has seen Almoe look at the materials it uses. One example of this was during the recent Middle East Event Show where all of its furniture was made from recycled and biodegradable cardboard, and its stand was built entirely in-house by its staging department.

‘At Almoe AV Productions and Rentals we are committed to make a difference wherever and whenever we can, and I believe there is a trend to a more sustainable and waste free events industry,’ concluded Mr Vitanza.

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