Asimetrik installs Konya Torku Arena

Asimetrik installs Konya Torku Arena

Published: MEA

TURKEY: Asimetrik has completed its installation project at the 42,000-seat Konya Torku Arena. The integrator has installed equipment from RCF and QSC as well as the previously reported cabling from Klotz AIS.

Asimetrik has been involved with the project since its early stages. The Konya metropolitan municipality named construction company, Saridaglar AS, as the main contractor and it in turn contacted Asimetrik for the A/V portion. ‘We have an existing business relationship with Saridaglar AS,’ said Asimetrik project manager Burak Bayrak. ‘For this high-quality installation solution, we were the only partner for Saridaglar AS. The municipality designed the conditions for tender, and the municipality engineers worked as advisors and controllers for this construction.’

The solution Asimetrik designed included speakers from RCF for the main sound system, meeting rooms, and pressroom. RCF H Series speakers were selected as the best fit for the stadium system in terms of both power and dispersion. ‘We were originally inspired by the Juventus stadium RCF installation in Turin, and RCF officials partnered up with our company to design the system for Konya,’ recalled Mr Bayrak. ‘We worked based on the Uefa 2020 criteria for this stadium. Konya Torku Arena’s STI value for speech is 0.8, giving it an “excellent” speech transmission index.’ This value was measured using reference equipment from NTi Audio.

When it came to system design, Asimetrik called on EASE simulation software to ensure consistent distribution of sound around the stadium. ‘Our aim was to make realistic predictions to optimise the amount of the loudspeakers and their aiming angles,’ explained Asimetrik acoustic designer Turker Baran. ‘Definitely, benefiting from an industry standard simulation tool to achieve acoustical requirements – uniform distribution of sound pressure, high sound pressure and adequate intelligibility – of such an audio installation was advantageous. EASE guided us to come up with unique solutions. I can say that it was a collaboration of technology and experience.’

RCF H1315 WP loudspeakers were used for a network-based professional grandstand address system.  In total, 96 of the three-way full range cabinets have been installed on 48 rigging points as a double cluster. Each of the clusters is hung from the lip of the stadium roof and separated by 12m. ‘Designing a system which is fully compliant with Uefa standards was very complex, but the RCF products were exactly what we needed to make it work,’ said Mr Bayrak. ‘The H1315 sound quality is superb and the system is very compact as well.’

The stadium is equipped with QSC Q-Sys network audio infrastructure to control, process and distribute the sound. ‘To maintain the audio quality and reliability, Q-Sys network design allowed us to connect the systems together, and have the stadium work all-in-network base,’ recalled Mr Bayrak.

The cabling side was particularly important for the broadcast standards which needed to be met. To meet the media requirements compatible with UEFA standards, hybrid fibre cables, HD signal transmission cables, and digital audio cables were used. Klotz CAM311, SMPTE and TRIAX 11 camera cables, VD167 HD-SDI video cables and MY206 microphone cables, PolyFIX PX22CH audio multicores and Multicore PolyLIVE in various pairings have been used for the installation.

‘Uniting an audience with stimulating and high quality sound is a careful, deliberate process especially at stadiums that are designed to be compliant with Uefa standards,’ concluded Gorkem Celikbilek, VP of Asimetrik. ‘The process incorporates a combination of experience and an obsessive attention to detail. We truly understand of the importance of sound quality. Our highly educated team expertly analyses the properties of each space. We came up with an elegant and effective sound. Therefore, we are extremely happy with the results.’

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