DB-Mark welcomes Richard Steven Pavelec as international relations support manager

DB-Mark welcomes Richard Steven Pavelec as international relations support manager

Published: ASIA

CHINA: DB-Mark has appointed ‘veteran-professional’, Richard Steven Pavelec to the position of international relations, product demonstrator and design/marketing consultant. Amongst other responsibilities, Mr Pavelec will be striving to further shape that company’s QC, R&D and overall global marketing image.

Mr Pavelec will also assist the company in designing new hybrid pro audio and MI products and at the same time will play a key role in assisting with English language communications between staff and customers. Lastly, Mr Pavelec will be an influence to DB-Mark design engineers in order to demonstrate market trends for the modern day musician (including computer-interfaced MI peripherals and compact/mobile sound systems).

Mr Pavelec originates from California, US and has had an extensive career spanning roles in both professional audio and MI, and has worked as a professional audio engineer, music producer, guitar teacher and an independent internet marketing specialist. He is also a classically trained acoustic and electric guitarist and describes himself as a ‘Steinberg Cubase DAW enthusiast’.

Mr Pavelec has also served for various high profile US companies such as Carvin Guitars, Pro Audio Guitar Center and Suzuki Music Instruments. Mr Pavelec’s first career experience in Asia was a three-month stint at sound and lighting company FSL, located in North Vietnam.

However, Mr Pavelec noted that ‘the Vietnamese outfit revealed an inability to co-exist with American-style recruitment. Productivity efforts with were met with constant language barriers and cultural resistance,’ he explained. ‘But while over there, I ended up finding light at the end of the tunnel when serving in an artistic role to become an English language lyrist and vocal trainer for Vietnam’s 2009 prog-rock band, Ngu Cung. It was then that my presence in Asia began to take positive shape.

‘But because of my experiences in Vietnam – and the fact that I can speak Japanese – I gradually found a way to coexist with Asian culture and way of doing business. I am proud to come from America but my future will be in Asia, it is indeed my calling. In America, I have watched that economy crumble while China’s has risen. So, I eventually reasoned to jump on the Asian band-wagon.’

From Mr Pavelec’s observations, career windows everywhere but in China were dwindling. ‘Korea, Japan and Taiwan – production monsters at one time – were quickly losing their market share from the 70s, 80s and 90s,’ he continued. ‘I feel that the Chinese have all the elements needed to be the big fish of Asia due to keen engineering, efficient factories, proper funding and extreme motivation.’

Before his current seat at DB-Mark, Mr Pavelec held the same role for a Korean company operating out of China. ‘This was the OEM factory: Belcat-maker for Fishman, B-Band, Rogue, Squire, Epiphone, Crate, Yamaha, Crafter and more,’ he reflected. ‘But sadly, this too did not work out. Looking back, it was a risk on my part to try out employment with a Korean company based in China. Now that I am working for a Chinese company based in China, I see that as they are natives they simply know how to get things done.

‘I am absolutely thrilled to finally be here in China,’ he enthused. ‘For many years I have felt that DB-Mark is a special company that stands out from all other Asian pro audio and MI factories. I will be the western face of their empire and tailor the company to conquer the competition nationally and abroad.

‘My entire career has been devoted to the industry of musical instruments, professional audio and artistic-performance,’ Mr Pavelec furthered. ‘So I am very happy that I am finally with DB-Mark, which has been a dream of mine for more than five years. With the CEOs, I will travel all around the world to visit accounts in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, America and more. I still cannot believe things are finally going my way.’

DB-Mark and its parent company, Desam Audio designs and manufacturers a range of large-scale pro audio products.


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