Delta covers Jazz Festival and Stone Roses

Delta covers Jazz Festival and Stone Roses

Published: MEA

UAE: Delta Sound provided the audio equipment for two of Dubai’s biggest recent gigs. The rental house supplied the systems for both stages of the Dubai Jazz Festival as well as the Stone Roses performance in Media City.

Commissioned by Chillout Productions, Delta took on the audio requirements for the main stage and supporting stage in the OSN Jazz Garden for the Jazz Festival. Nine event nights kept the engineers busy with daily rehearsals, sound checks and live performances. The main shows were by OneRepublic, 3 Doors Down, Deep Purple and The Script.

‘Naturally, this was a challenge that Delta Sound is used to and we immediately came up with a plan and designed two systems that would work for the two stages Emirates and Chillout productions had setup for the festival,’ said Delta project manager, Rob Eatock.

Delta used its L-Acoustics K1 system for the main arena. This comprised of 12 boxes per side with three Kara cabinets used as down fills and dV-Doscs as front fills. SB28’s in an arc configuration were used to ensure even sub coverage.

VIP and sponsors balconies were covered by 18 HK Audio CT108 cabinets. ‘This system created a sound field that made the punters feel like they were in their own private boxes with their own private sound system,’ said Mr Eatock. ‘This was a new approach to the festival and I’m sure will be utilised again in the years to come.’

FOH control was made up of Avid Profile and Yamaha PM5D consoles where monitor control used an Avid Venue as well as a Soundcraft Vi6 console. Avalon 737’s were part of the drive rack along with XTA DP448’s as a matrix into LA Network manager. The system was driven using L-Acoustics LA8 amplifiers.

Monitoring on stage consisted of Sennheiser 2050 IEM systems as well as a side fill system using V-Dosc cabinets with SB218 subs. Individual sub fills on stage were made up of SB218s. The mic package was made up of Shure, Neumann and Sennheiser.

The Jazz Garden system consisted of a flown dV-Dosc rig using ground stacked SB218 subs. Flown HK Audio CT112s provided front fills and out fills. ‘With a large number of people visiting the Jazz Garden each night, we made sure that audio reached the desired SPL to cover the arena and the stage to ensure the artists had the same feel as the people in the crowd,’ noted Mr Eatock.

The rental house used its stock of digital consoles with DiGiCo SD8, as well as Avid Profile and Venue surfaces put to use. The drive system consisted of an XTA DP448 which was used as a matrix unit controlling the signal distribution to the DP448 processed LA48 amp racks.

Monitor control again used a DiGiCo SD8 console which drove Audio Analyst FR12 wedges as well as Sennheiser wireless IEM systems. The mic package included various wired and wireless units from Shure, Sennheiser and Neuman.

For the Stone Roses concert at Media City, Delta was contracted by Done Events to provide a full audio system including a control package. The FOH PA system consisted of four hangs of L-Acoustics V-Dosc with four-way dV-Dosc down fills on each of the main hangs and a further eight dV-Dosc for front fill. Twenty-four SB218 cabinets provided low end.

Delta engineer and project manager, Al Woods, looked after FOH duties and system tuning. A Midas Pro 9 was the desk of choice for Stone Roses engineer Robbie McGrath. The Console was supplemented with outboard equipment including a TC2290 delay, Eventide H3000 harmoniser, and a couple of SPX990s. An Avalon 747 across L&R and Avalon 737s for vocals were also put to use.

An extensive monitor system comprised of a Midas Pro 2, 20  L-Acoustics 115 XT HI Q wedges, SB28 subs for drum fills and side fills with Arcs on top, all driven by LA8 amps. The IEM system was a Sennheiser G3.

‘It went really well,’ commented Delta’s Craig Harvey. ‘Nahuel (monitor engineer for the band) was made up, he had a really good show, (his first with the band) glad we could make his day easier.’

‘It’s a great venue,’ added Nadeem Ali from Delta, ‘a natural amphitheatre where everyone gets a great view and a relatively intimate experience. No one is further than 65m from the band onstage.’

‘The system performed well and the audience, production (both local and touring) left smiling. A great night for all involved,’ concluded Al Woods.

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