Delta sees success in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

Delta sees success in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

Published: MEA

UAE: Dubai-based rental company Delta Sound, has recently been involved with successful shows in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. The nature of the events called on the rental house to put a variety of its equipment to use.

In Abu Dhabi, the firm was once again involved with the Zayed Future Energy Prize. This is the sixth year the event has run, and the third time Delta has provided the audio for the organiser, HQ Creative.
The event took place in the Emirates Palace Hotel auditorium and honoured the industry from large corporations to NGO’s and even the best global high schools. This year’s event also featured entertainment from Steve Sidwell and the Human Orchestra which proved to be technically the most challenging element.

The design for the system started in the studio where the audio mix and music composition was done for the accompanying visual element of Steve Sidwell’s set. To make the vocal sound effects ‘engulf’ the audience Delta opted for a quad surround system. The front left–right consisted of L-Acoustics dV-Dosc cabinets while the rear channels along the back of the auditorium comprised of the manufacturer’s MTD108s.

Control for this show became quite complex in the sync of the video to the music bed and the Human Orchestra SFX. With the timing critical for the ensemble, Delta striped timecode to the audio tack of the video Watchout system. This in turn triggered to multitrack playbacks running on Mac as main and a backup.

‘It’s been a really good show and a fun one to be part of, Sidwell and his team are a joy to work with. The same must also be said for HQ Creative the production company who brought the event together,’ said Delta’s event project manager Craig Harvey. ‘They have a great team and always make you feel part of it, the attention to detail is second to none and that information is always something that helps make an event a great success as this one was. Being back on these awards again is fantastic. I really think that the vision behind them and the work these people are undertaking is inspiring.’

In Al Ain, Delta was supporting the three day Family Festival. Festival organiser, WRG Abu Dhabi, contracted Delta to provide the PA systems to cover the venue on the main field next to the stadium.
There were five PA towers, of which three comprised of four EAW JF200 and JF100 speakers, and a pair of HK Audio CT108s. The remaining two towers were built for the Oasis zone and included one JF200 each.

A separate system with monitor control was supplied to the saddle back tent for the live cooking shows. Speakers for this area were four HK Audio CT108s, while the monitor control was courtesy of a Yamaha LS9. Four Sennheiser headset microphones were supplied for the cooking teachers. One Denon CD player operated background music running through one LA24 amplifier to complete the audio setup.

An additional small PA for the ‘bag jump’ section was operated with a Mackie 450 speaker system with one microphone and a CD player.

Apart from the audio system, Delta Sound also equipped the organiser and crew with over 50 Motorola GP340 radios with various accessories, per request programmed on 10 channels.

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