Dubai Artistic tackles wedding market with Optocore

Dubai Artistic tackles wedding market with Optocore

Published: MEA

UAE: Dubai Artistic Innovation (DAI), an event production company that is at the heart of the Arabic music and wedding concert market, is using Optocore technology to innovate its offering to keep up with the unique demands of this market.

Concerts and other events that take place during these weddings remain relatively unknown to those not directly involved in the event due the privacy of these functions. Each wedding is unique and comes with its own set of challenges in terms of the size, spread, and complexity of the A/V systems. 

‘When it comes to weddings, most of us think of small to medium sized "concept" weddings but here at DAI we always think big,’ said Aveline Pinto HOD audio/system engineer/MOH. ‘More often than not, we come across football stadium sized ballrooms that need to be equipped, and signals that need to be distributed across several such venues simultaneously. Technically we call these large format weddings.’

‘We do a lot of large format weddings for royal families,’ added DAI executive director Fahad Khouri. ‘It’s VIPs, as well as well-known people in the middle east. We cannot name them as we naturally like to respect our clients’ privacy.’

‘We are required to setup I/Os across the venue on a very tight schedule,’ continued Mr Pinto. ‘Normally the venue is divided into smaller units based on functional requirements. So there is a receiving area, a pre-function area, a dining area and the band area. All these venues then have to be setup based on what is to take place there at any given time. Distances between each of these functional areas differ from one event to another and so we need to be very flexible in terms of cabling and patching signals. Moreover, there are two or more bands playing at times and very little changeover time.

‘Having digital consoles like the two Yamaha PM5Ds and the Optocore cards linking both FOH and monitors allows us easy sharing and transport of I/Os and improves our workflow as well as setup time,’ he continued. ‘A recording rig with an Optocore DD2FE fibre Madi device ensures that we can cater to the increasing requests for recordings of these concerts from our clients.’

Unlike a regular concert, at these weddings, musicians are situated in a separate venue from where the vocalist or star performers and the main PA system is housed.

‘When Dubai Artistic came to us with this requirement, we knew that Optocore had just the solution for them,’ added Biju Thomas, general manager at Thomsun Trading. ‘We worked with them to design a distributed I/O system that would work exactly how they needed it and fitted perfectly in all their changing scenarios. Having independent gain on the remote inputs from both the monitor as well as FOH consoles was paramount to them. The Optocore X6R-FXDualMic unit provides just that. With two independent mic preamps for each of the eight inputs, this was a perfect device for their use.’

X6R16LO-FX line out units are used for returns and dedicated AES/EBU units in the form of the X6R-FX16AE ensure Dubai Artistic can go digital into its current XTA processors and also connect directly to its L-Acoustic LA8 amplifiers on AES in the future.

‘We brought Optocore as we are looking at football field sized wedding area. With Optocore now our life has become somewhat like plug and play,’ said Mr Pinto. ‘Having a single power source was always an issue, now with Optocore with us we do not need to worry relying on a single power source. We can run cables anyhow and anywhere. In other words, we don't have to worry about interferences and latency. We can send and receive amplifier and microphone signals and manage them at the same time. I believe Optocore has simplified our lives.’

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