EAW reinforces Singapore’s Gossip

EAW reinforces Singapore’s Gossip

Published: ASIA

SINGAPORE: Having converted a disused power station originally built in 1927 into a super-club in 2005, St James’ has gone on to become an iconic globally recognised venue. Previously named The Boiler Room and Tiger Live, Club Gossip has emerged as one of the premium venues within the 6,500 sq-m St James complex, under the stewardship of Eugene Lim. Raised on a 1.5m platform in front of a large LED wall, the DJ is definitely the focus of attention to incoming patrons.

A dazzling blend of LED washes, linear laser beams and other lighting effects designed, installed and programmed by AVL Acoustic Systems hasn’t relegated the audio presence in Gossip to a supporting role. ‘For me, audio is the most important ingredient in making the whole of Gossip one big dance floor,’ explained Mr Lim. ‘With the exception of an upstairs VIP room, there are no quiet zones as we want everyone to dance and share the Gossip experience.’

Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd (E&E) was recruited to design and install the audio system that has essentially put a huge pin in the map for the club. E&E deputy managing director Gary Goh designed the resultant EAW Avalon system based upon consultation with Mr Lim and his team.

‘The club is made for Avalon,’ he explained. ‘We have not installed the new Avalon by EAW speakers into any club in the region before, so Gossip definitely is a first.’ There are high SPLs on offer, but Mr Lim’s DJs can now drive the audio system at high octane levels without exposing patrons to harsh lows and harmful highs. The Avalon design turns the loudspeaker inside-out, with the distinctive red MF/HF 90 x 60 and 90 x 90 horns mounted outside the concave grille. Four SUB.two hybrid subwoofers are floor-mounted below the DJ booth. Incorporating dual 12-inch cones on a bent bass horn together with a vented 21-inch direct-radiating cone, vented, each 2,800W SUB.two can propel low frequencies down to 20Hz and the revellers to dancing. The main dance floor is adorned by four CLUB.two speakers, measuring 737 x 737 x 747mm and mounted onto rising columns. Incorporating four 12-inch LF cone drivers, the coaxial design comes with MF/HF compression drivers, operating within a 40Hz to 20 kHz frequency range. The adjacent space is served by a further two Club.three enclosures, whilst the VIP room is equipped with two smaller CLUB.five speakers, which are 8-inch versions operating down to 95Hz.

Two EAW UX3600 digital processors are rack-mounted with the amplifiers below the DJ booth to configure and manage all Gossip’s Avalon’s speaker systems. The DJ booth itself is furnished by twin Pioneer CDJ2000 nexus decks and a DJM2000 nexus mixer, while monitoring is via two EAW LA212 speakers powered by Powersoft’s M Series with processing by an Ashly Protea 3.6SP.

As to be expected, the Avalon system requires a lot of power to be driven as desired. Four Powersoft K3 amplifiers cater for the SUB.two subwoofers, whilst three M14D, dual M20D, dual K6 and single M50Q amplifiers power the CLUB.three and five models. A wired Shure SM58 microphone has also been supplied, allowing the DJ to whip crowds into a frenzy.



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