Electronics & Engineering equips Club Lava with new sound system

Electronics & Engineering equips Club Lava with new sound system

Published: ASIA

SINGAPORE: Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd (E&E) was recently called upon to design a loudspeaker system for Club Lava, which hosts nightly live performances. The venue is located on the Chijmes complex on Victoria Street in Singapore, and over the years the area has become a busy nightspot for ex-pats, tourists and young professionals.


Step one for Club Lava was to call E&E to propose a loudspeaker system that would ensure that listening fatigue would not be an issue in the 350-capacity venue.

‘The quality of the sound system was the number one criteria in our long list of objectives,’ declared group GM Bob Khan. ‘It is vital to create the right atmosphere – if you have poor sound, patrons won’t stick around after their first drink.’

‘The venue has a few constraints owing to the 4.5m height ceiling and the narrow depth of the 500 sq-m room,’ offered E&E deputy MD Gary Goh. ‘We proposed a point system consisting of ceiling suspended EAW speakers and floor mounted subwoofers powered by Powersoft amplifiers to create the right ambience.’

A left/right system comprising various EAW QX596 and KF394 speakers is supplemented by four SB1001 subwoofers, powered by three Powersoft K2s and two K10DSP amplifiers, respectively. An EAW UX8800 processor provides speaker management, whilst an Ashly MX206 stereo mixer has also been added to the signal chain to boost the quality. Additionally, a Furman PS-Pro E Series II power conditioner was installed to reduce the risk of power surges or spikes compromising or damaging the equipment.

Following the installation, Club Lava’s sound technician Mr Gibb then applied his experience to the 12m wide x 7m deep stage area. Here, the resident band – comprising seven musicians and singers – are monitored by a number of existing JBL VRX900 wedges. Their individual mixes are preserved following the addition of a drum screen around the drum kit.

‘It is important to have a clean looking stage both for the aesthetics and also in terms of health and safety,’ explained Mr Gibb. ‘Members of the audience sometimes go on stage for announcements – some have even made wedding proposals! The last thing you need is an accident following a tangle with on stage cables, so I have created discrete openings for the microphone cables where the band members are located, running down below the stage, where they can be serviced if need be. These openings are protected by dust brushes, which also keep the cables in place.’

Mr Gibb mixes the live acts on a Soundcraft Si1 console, although he has no monitors upon which to perform sound checks on. ‘I was really excited when I downloaded the latest ViSi app on iTunes onto my iPad,’ he continued. ‘Unfortunately, the app doesn’t cater for the Si1 so I have to keep walking from my console to a seat near the stage during sound checks. It keeps me fit!’

Despite mixing in the digital domain, a rack of analogue equipment, including a dbx 162 SL compressor/limiter, a Yamaha SPX2000 reverb unit and a BSS CFS966 graphic equaliser is used to provide analogue warmth. ‘We have received glowing comments from our patrons,’ added Mr Khan. ‘The large investments we have made are paying off if the returning customers are an indication.’



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