Eurolive loudspeakers at the head of fleet of Behringer launches

Eurolive loudspeakers at the head of fleet of Behringer launches


Leading a raft of new products from the Behringer stable, the manufacturer has expanded its Eurolive loudspeaker series with the additions of the B112MP3 and B115MP3 models.

Both designs incorporate class-D power amps backed by switch mode power supply technology providing 320W of bi-amplified, digitally processed output power. The DSP features a dual-band EQ, an active crossover, dual protection limiters and transducer response correction. Features include a fully- programmable, embedded media/MP3 player with a multi-function LCD panel, a built-in mixer with low-noise, high-headroom mic preamps and two inputs that accept most mic/line level signal and variable input gain controls.

The units also offer a wireless option offering connection to the manufacturer’s Digital Mobility Series wireless mics featuring a DDT (Digital Dongle Technology) receiver. The receiver can be plugged into the dedicated wireless port on the rear panel of the B112MP3 and B115MP3 loudspeakers for access to two channels of wireless connectivity.

Also new and utilising SuperMAC technology is the S16 Digital Snake I/O interface, which provides 16 fully programmable, remotely controllable high-end mic preamps together with eight analogue, balanced XLR returns at the stage end for connection to the FOH via a single Cat-5 cable negating the need for a dedicated router.

When used with Behringer’s X32 console, two S16 Stage Boxes can be cascaded via the built-in AES50 ports, providing connectivity for up to 32 mic/line inputs, 16 balanced outputs and a Powerplay P-16 Personal Monitoring System, which can feed up to 48 individual monitor mixes.

Two optical ADAT sockets are also included for connecting channels one to eight and nine to 16 to outboard devices, a USB port for system updates via PC as well as MIDI I/O for lighting systems and sound module control. The 2U rack-mount chassis has a 100m networking capability via Cat-5e cable and integrates a ‘Planet Earth’ switching power supply.

Elsewhere, the Control1USB provides master volume, talkback, source selection and monitor controls, whilst offering up to three sets of active studio monitors and four different stereo input sources with which to check a mix.

The integrated control centre also boasts an onboard USB audio interface and a built-in talkback microphone while four stereo inputs allow connection to a CD player, MP3 player, computer/DAW or a turntable via the RIAA preamp. Three separate monitor outputs with individual level controls are provided in the form of a computer/DAW stereo output, two-track A and B stereo outs and a studio out.

Nor do the new products stop there. Described as ideal for streaming audio to and from a PC or Mac, the FCA610 and FCA1616 Firepower interfaces benefit from integral 24-Bit/96 kHz A/D-D/A converters. Both interfaces support Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OSX, and provide onboard phantom power for use with studio-grade condenser microphones.

Owing to its small size and low-latency, six input, 10 output architecture, Midi I/O and two Xenyx mic preamps, the ½RU FCA610 is reportedly ideal for travelling musicians. Alternately the FCA1616 has been designed for more permanent applications, including an expanded 16 channel I/O, four Xenyx mic preamps and ADA8000 ADAT connectivity. All standard I/O formats are supported including analogue, S/PDIF (coaxial and optical), ADAT and S/MUX. The 1RU FCA1616 features eight analogue Inserts for external effects such as compressors, gates and EQs.

For mixing at home or in a live setting, the manufacturer has debuted the UFX1204 and UFX1604, each incorporating a 16x4 USB/FireWire audio interface plus a multitrack recorder for up 12 or 16 channels respectively, using any USB device.

The four buss mixers feature Xenyx mic preamps on each mono channel, one-knob compressors, EQs and 24-bit onboard effects. Onboard I/O includes balanced XLR and ¼-inch TRS, in addition to unbalanced ¼-inch TS. A Line/Hi-Z switch is also provided on channels one and two for connecting guitars without the need for an external DI box. Whilst the mono channels on the UFX1204 benefit from a three band EQ with semi-parametric mid control, the channel EQ on the UFX1604 model has an expanded four band version with sweepable hi and low mids. Both models feature individually switchable 48V phantom power on all mono channels so they can be used with studio condenser microphones, while the stereo channels also support balanced and unbalanced ¼-inch line connections and four band EQs. All channels feature four aux Sends, and switchable pre and post FireWire sends.

Finally, Behringer is now shipping its Ultralink USB digital wireless microphone systems, incorporating a USB dongle-style receiver. The ULM100-USB comes with a one channel receiver and a single handheld transmitter, while the ULM200-USB provides a dual channel solution. The built-in transmitter operates within the 2.4GHz range to avoid common signal interference and has been digitally encrypted. Capable of operating up to eight hours from AA alkaline batteries, a ‘Panic Mute’ function can be operated to immediately silence unexpected feedback by pressing and holding the Volume Down button.

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