FTE becomes biggest F1 rental house in Australia

FTE becomes biggest F1 rental house in Australia

Published: ASIA

AUSTRALIA: Sydney-based A/V rental company Full Throttle Entertainment (FTE) recently purchased Professional Music & Lighting Systems’ (PMLS) entire Funktion One rental stock, meaning that FTE now not only has the biggest F1 inventory in Australia, but also has the largest F1 inventory in the southern hemisphere.

FTE extended its inventory by purchasing 26 F1 Resolution 5 speakers, 16 F218 subwoofers, four Resolution 2 speakers, 10 Resolution 4 down-fills and four Resolution 18 subwoofers. The company has been steadily gaining traction on the local festival scene, and plans to put the new equipment to use for more events like this, using the system as a whole. Not limited to festivals, the added inventory will also give the company the opportunity to tackle smaller events, such as multiple smaller stages.

‘The system was definitely purchased due to demand,’ said Adam Ward, managing director, Full Throttle Entertainment. ‘This last season we found ourselves turning away jobs due to the fact we had all our previous inventory booked out on shows. With Funktion One there is a strong demand and we are gaining a reputation as being the go-to company for the product. We really hate turning customers away and the purchase fits in perfectly with the growth of the company at this time. The new gear allows us to move into the larger festival market as well as being able to do multiple smaller events concurrently.’

Mr Ward stated that he continues to invest in Funktion One for a multitude of reasons. ‘The main though is the quality of sound the product delivers,’ he said. ‘There are a lot of good systems out there, yet we just haven't found one that sounds like Funktion One. In our honest opinion, there is openness and an effortless delivery of sound that is unparalleled. One of the other reasons we continue to purchase Funktion One is that it sets us apart from everyone else. Everyone out there is purchasing line arrays, yet we are one of the only companies pushing point source,’ he explained. ‘There is a definite market out there consisting of people that haven't bought into the line array hype and really appreciate point source technology, and furthermore appreciate the F1 product – and ask for it by name.’

Mr Ward confirmed that he is looking to purchase more F1 equipment in future. ‘Our next big purchase will be the INFRA bass super subs,’ he elaborated. ‘These have never really been experienced in Australia. There are a few floating around, yet nothing on the scale of what we are looking to deploy. There are also some new products being released from Funktion One that we are really interested in getting our hands on.’

Discussing the response he gets following a festival, Mr Ward said that: ‘one of the most common things we hear after a gig is that “this is the best we have ever heard". This sounds a little over the top, but we have so many people tell us this! We also hear a lot of people saying they had "heard parts of the song that they had never noticed before". With Funktion One this is a common occurrence.

‘There is a quality that has to be heard to be believed,’ he added. ‘I feel you really don't know what good audio is until you experience it. Good audio is so much more than just about hearing a DJ or a band. Good audio is a visceral experience than can evoke strong emotion. So many people are just blown away when they hear our systems and often exclaim they haven't heard anything like it before.

‘As far as returning customers go, every new customer we have landed this year has already booked, or is in discussion to book us for their next event. We recently had a customer that just handed us a calendar of their next two years worth of events and told us to make sure we are free to do their shows. With that kind of response we must be doing something right.’


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