Group Technologies holds ‘first class’ Nexo STM launch

Group Technologies holds ‘first class’ Nexo STM launch

Published: ASIA

AUSTRALIA: Group Technologies recently held a series of Nexo STM launch events in Australia, providing attendees with ‘first class treatment’ in addition to a number of product presentations and outdoor live training site demonstrations.

The two-day sessions ran in cycles over a week, attracting approximately 100 guests overall. Group Technologies welcomed 25 key decision makers to each event, made up of a broad cross section of industry professionals chosen from production, touring, consultancy, higher education and government sectors.

On the first day, attendees visited Group Technologies’ HQ where they witnessed a presentation given by Nexo concert sound specialist Stuart Kerrison and Francois Deffarges, head of R&D. Also in attendance was Nexo’s sales director Denis Baudier, Asia sales manager Nicolas Kirsch, a number of representatives from Group Technologies, and Nexo's Malaysian distributors.

Following this, attendees were taken to a private country estate in Rubicon Valley for dinner and were given a practical presentation on the Nexo 45N 12 stage wedge at a showroom that had been set up. Later on each guest was given a private lakeside cottage for the night.

‘Guests were quite surprised with the showroom setup; it was unexpected for them,’ admitted Anthony Touma, marketing director, Group Technologies Australasia. ‘We left it as a bit of a surprise but it was welcomed very positively as we had a lot of the existing Nexo range on display. This really gave everyone a chance to re-visit all of the Nexo products and discuss them in depth with senior members from Nexo.’

The following morning, guests were driven to a large outdoor live training site where 10m fly towers and a Nexo STM PA were waiting for them. Here, the team demonstrated various rigging demonstrations and listening tests, and later took attendees back to Melbourne in time to pick up the next group.

Elaborating on the outdoor demonstration day, Mr Touma continued: ‘We knew it was going to sound amazing but when we flew the system and turned it on, we were all looking at each other grinning ear to ear. It was one of those moments where you just knew that you had something special on your hands; the system is just that good. Every guest I spoke to, regardless of his or her background, experience or specialty felt the same. This really is a leap forward in PA technology and something that will undoubtedly start a paradigm shift in the industry,’ he enthused.

The team carried out demonstrations in several configurations to give attendees an idea of scalability, starting with a typical outdoor festival setup of 12 STMs a side – made up of 12 M46 main modules and 12 B112 bass modules per cluster with 16 RS-18s on the ground. ‘This system was throwing extremely even sound across the entire horizontal plane and we had guests walk over 100m away from the system, and they were still impressed with what they were hearing.

‘We then took the system down and re-rigged the entire configuration in less than 20 minutes,’ he added. ‘From there we had a ground stack already setup which was comprised of three a side.’ This comprised of two mid M46s, two B112s and two S118 subs.

‘It was first class treatment all the way,’ smiled Mr Touma. ‘That's the standard we always aim to uphold when presenting new products to our guests. It was only fitting to unveil STM in Australia with something memorable. The feedback from guests has been exceptionally positive, and from a launch perspective, we've had nothing but positive responses and we are sure that they will remember the event for many years to come. We have so many eager professionals ready to come on board to start building the STM network in Australia.’

‘This was the most outstanding event of its type that I have experienced in all the 25 years I have been in the audio business,’ enthused Christopher Kennedy, group sales director, Norwest Productions. ‘The product is really impressive. If I had a clean slate, I would buy Nexo STMs and nothing else. It would suit our business model down to the ground to own 300 pairs spread over three offices. I would love to find a way to own some in the not too distant future.’

Following the success of this event, Group Technologies announced that it has opened a permanent training facility and demonstration site located in Rubicon Valley. ‘We will be carrying out demonstrations like these several times a year from now on across all of our brands,’ confirmed Mr Touma. ‘We genuinely feel that the only way to really demonstrate a line array's capabilities is to show it off in a real world environment. This is what our customers deserve from us and we feel it's only fair that we deliver.’

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