HIF gets Danley solution for first permanent building

HIF gets Danley solution for first permanent building

Published: WORSHIP

VIETNAM: Singapore-based Soundsmith Solutions Pte Ltd recently designed a sound reinforcement system for the Hanoi International Fellowship’s (HIF) first permanent building in Hanoi. The team used Danley Sound Labs SM-80 and SH-micro loudspeakers and TH-mini subwoofers for the HOW, which draws together a congregation of over 400 people, representing over 40 nationalities.

As many of its members are itinerant or transient diplomats, students, employees of NGOs and international businesses, HIF’s congregation turns over more rapidly than the congregations of most churches.

‘Previously, the congregation met at a local five-star hotel, and the hotel provided them with the usual hotel sound system,’ said Pastor Jinggoy of Hanoi International Fellowship. ‘That system was uneven. It was too loud toward the front and inconsistent throughout the rest of the room. The subs were boomy and the high-end was harsh.’

In addition to designing the system, Soundsmith Solutions also supplied the components. Pastor Jinggoy helped coordinate the HOW’s own contractors to install the system based on Soundsmith Solution's drawings and specifications.

‘The big challenge in the new space was its very low ceilings,’ said Edwin Ng, project manager at Soundsmith Solutions Pte Ltd. ‘Moreover, it used to be a warehouse, so none of the walls were designed with acoustics in mind. The challenge was compounded by the fact that there were few places to position loudspeakers that wouldn’t interfere with sight lines. The Danley Sound Labs boxes were a very fitting solution due to their low profiles and their exceptional directivity.’

Inputs to the system collect at an Allen & Heath GL2400-424 console, which outputs to a Xilica XP8080 digital loudspeaker management processor. In turn, the processor outputs to QSC RMX 4050HD and RMX 5050 amplifiers. Those power two Danley SM-80 loudspeakers that provide main coverage, six Danley SH-micro loudspeakers that serve as delays, and one more Danley SH-micro that fills in the centre front.

‘The SM-80s were ideal loudspeakers for the mains because they are so slim and could be mounted into the wall without any trouble,’ said Mr Ng. ‘Both the SM-80 and the SH-micro are highly directional, which was great for these low ceilings. The sound goes where it is supposed to go and nowhere else! Importantly, that directivity extends down to 400Hz.’

To provide low-end support for the system, Mr Ng included two Danley TH-mini subwoofers, which the installers mounted into the front wall below the SM-80s. ‘The TH-mini has to be the smallest but loudest sub I’ve ever heard,’ he said. ‘The amount of bass coming out of this box when properly powered is nothing short of amazing.

‘All together, the new system is way, way better than the system they used at the hotel,’ he added. ‘Everything sounds clear, crisp, and pleasant to the ears, and it doesn’t matter where you sit. The whole room is evenly covered. Even when the microphones are placed right underneath the centre fill Danley SH-micro, there is no feedback. Hanoi International Fellowship couldn’t be happier.’


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