Kuwait’s 50th Constitution Day relies on Optocore and BroaMan

Kuwait’s 50th Constitution Day relies on Optocore and BroaMan

Published: MEA

KUWAIT: Optocore and BroaMan audio and video network units played a key role in Kuwait’s 50th Constitution Day celebration. The final act of the show lasted almost an hour, with a total of 77,282 fireworks, which broke the Guinness World Record for the largest fireworks display ever.

French rental company, Gilles Bouvard Events and Entertainment (GB4D) was contracted to deliver the audio and lighting system as well as video transport for the show. The biggest challenge facing GB4D owner, Gilles Bouvard, was the coverage distance along the beach and the associated problems posed by sand and water.

Sound and light needed to be delivered to any point along the beach, so Mr Bouvard turned to Optocore. The solution provided sound to each of 52 line array towers and control of amplifiers and DMX lighting commands.

The Optocore system was in use both on the beach and also out at sea. Here GB4D designed a second ring system to provide audio and Ethernet transport to five cube-shape platforms which were built out on the water.

The two Optocore rings ran on different protocols. The first, small ring was based on the 2.14 protocol. This was used to provide LAN connections to all five cubes as well as audio signals to the Yamaha 01V96 console which was placed on the fifth platform. One DD32R-FX was installed in the FOH position and provided a connection to the second, larger ring. Elsewhere, DD2FR-FX and DD4MR-FX provided spare fibre Madi and BNC Madi links to the cubes.

The larger beach system used the Optocore 2.21 protocol. The big ring provided around 500 audio inputs and doubled as a transport platform for all control protocols. The main requirement was to distribute audio signals to the L-Acoustics loudspeakers from FOH as well as DMX for the lighting and Ethernet to control the L-Acoustics amplifiers. Loudspeakers were installed in the delay towers 100m apart to cover the whole area, while Optocore X6R-FX-8MI/8LO units were installed in every third tower – 20 in total – covering the whole distance.

‘Microphone inputs were very useful when the system was tuned,’ reported Optocore’s Maciek Janiszewski, who provided technical support. ‘It enabled a short microphone cable connection to the measurement mic, with the signal sent back to FOH for very accurate measurements, while line outputs provided program feed to every loudspeaker.’

FOH provided multiple signals from two consoles – the main mix from a Midas Pro6 and additional multiple aux outputs from a Soundcraft Vi6 (one aux per each delay group). Each console was integrated into the Optocore network with a DD2FR-FX. The ring was also equipped with a DD32R-FX unit, which provided AES connection to the smaller Optocore ring.

GB4D also used a BroaMan video and data distribution system. The video signal was distributed over the fibre transport platform via 14 Route33 units. All the devices were connected by fibre formulating a ring topology. The Control Room was equipped with two Route33 units, providing two video inputs to the network.

‘I like technological challenges, therefore I proposed BroaMan and Optocore as a real solution for network management of audio, data for light, video and remote control of amplifiers,’ said Mr Bouvard. ‘We managed to be price efficient cable-wise packing the whole system in just four fibre strands between locations. The project was hugely ambitious, given the time constraints and last minute changes to the video, but the result was stunning and everyone deserves congratulations – particularly Maciek, who helped us especially with the new video network setup.

‘Aside from the video signal transport, the biggest challenge was managing redundancy of 4km,’ continued Mr Bouvard. ‘Our options were either to connect the last and first device in the loop with 4km fibre under the sea or close the loop by going through the nodes with equipment on the beach, which reduced the single cable lengths and provided signal refreshment on every hop. This is the solution that we chose.

‘With no network there is no show,’ concluded Mr Bouvard. ‘You can deploy all the speakers or projectors in the world, but without control and signal, nothing happens. With Optocore and BroaMan I knew in advance what result I would get. And it was great to know that when a light designer pressed a button 4km away the projector would turn on without latency. In fact the client representing the government of Kuwait and Minister of Communication congratulated us at the end for the quality of the show.’



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