Lighting The Crossing

Lighting The Crossing

Published: WORSHIP

WORLD: US church, The Crossing, recently underwent a sanctuary expansion which would give Tim Worstell, director of ministry solutions and community development, the opportunity to complete a full lighting system upgrade. The new system includes the VL770 Spot luminaire from Philips Vari-Lite.

‘When we did our sanctuary remodel, the VL770 Spot luminaires were part of our full lighting, audio and video upgrade,’ began Mr Worstell. ‘We love the flexibility of the new lights with their gobos and colour-mixing, and with only seven fixtures we can completely cover the auditorium and stage in many different ways. We previously didn’t have any moving heads so this was a significant part of the upgrade for us. They work really well and we are very happy with the new fixtures.’

In its old sanctuary, The Crossing could seat approximately 1,100 people. In order to expand the worship facility, the church took out the auditoriums back wall, which had classrooms behind it, and built stadium seating to add 400 seats. It then relocated the audio and lighting control booth into the stadium seating, and after the remodel was complete the church turned its attention to the production technology upgrade.

‘In the space, we have lighting trusses that drop down over the auditorium and one of the factors in selecting automated lighting as part of the upgrade was that we didn’t have a lot of inputs available,’ explained Mr Worstell. ‘By adding moving heads we could now focus on multiple locations throughout the auditorium during the services with a single fixture.

‘The recommendation to use the VL770 Spot came from Acoustic Dimensions,’ continued Mr Worstell. ‘We told them we wanted the lights to have a nice, warm look to match a normal incandescent colour for both our video and the general aesthetics of the room, plus we wanted great colour-mixing and an expansive zoom range. They steered us to the VL770 Spot luminaire because it could satisfy all the needs and requirements we had for the services.’

With Acoustic Dimensions recommendation in hand, local Vari-Lite Dealer Harvest Productions was brought on-board to oversee the installation and implementation of the new lights.

‘Both Acoustic Dimensions and Harvest Productions were critical in the success of the systems upgrade. We are now using the VL770 Spots at minimum three services per week, plus a rehearsal on Thursday night, in all our children’s events, and for all our holiday services. Their flexibility and reliability allows us to create the perfect atmosphere no matter what type of production or service is on stage,’ said the director of ministry solutions and community development.

‘We are the type of church where we don’t want our services to look like rock concerts with moving heads and flashing lights distracting from the message. The nice thing about the way we are using the VL770 Spots is that we program them in the blind meaning that as they move, they are doing so in the dark. We also use a lot of colour, especially with our set designs, and we can now move focus and change the feel of any scene by choosing the perfect colours and gobo patterns.’

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