Living Hope Church chooses Midas for permanent home

Living Hope Church chooses Midas for permanent home

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US: Living Hope Church in Piperton, Tennessee has purchased a Midas Pro2C console for its new permanent site.

‘Having started as a portable church, we wanted our first permanent facility to make a big statement about how far we’ve come,’ said Tim Johnson, technical director for the Living Hope Church. ‘That meant the best in sound and video, but within a definite budget. The only question was whether we could afford a Midas digital console. For a while, it looked like we would have to wait, but then the Pro2C came out.’

Elite Multimedia was engaged for the A/V needs, with vice president and lead designer, BJ Shaver handling the design, and the integration handled by lead systems integrator Wade Russell. ‘It was new construction, so we worked directly with the architect,’ noted Mr Russell. ‘Living Hope wanted great sonic clarity and strong stereo imaging even at high SPL. We felt the best way to do that was to design a system to the AES 96k standard, and the Midas Pro2C let us do that without compromising on the rest of the system.’

Before the Pro2 and Pro2C desks were announced, Living Hope was planning to defer its console purchase. ‘We were looking at several consoles,’ recalled Mr Johnson. ‘I had heard a Midas Pro6 demo and got really excited about it, but it was outside our budget. None of the affordable digital desks sounded much different from the one we were already using in our portable system, so we didn’t see any reason to change. In fact, that was the plan right up until the Pro2C started shipping in the US.’

Mr Johnson did a direct comparison between the Pro2C and his existing console to evaluate the desk. ‘We basically just swapped the Pro2C into our portable system one Sunday and ran it with all the same gear, in the same room. The difference was amazing. Immediately, the speakers had focus and stereo imaging we had never heard before. The whole system sounded great, and the only thing that had changed was the console. Once I heard the price point, it was an easy decision.’

Mr Johnson then spent a day at Elite to learn the Pro2C, working with Mr Russell to configure the console to run front of house and monitor duties in the new 700-seat sanctuary. ‘Wade and I kind of learned the console together,’ he recalled. ‘It really didn’t take a whole lot to get up and running. In fact, my only problem was a tendency to overcomplicate things, because I was so used to working in layers and submenus. With the Midas, I just select channel groups and everything is right there in front of me, quick and easy. POP Groups are great.’

‘Tim took to the Pro2 right away,’ agreed Mr Russell. ‘We played with it a bit in the shop, and basically put together his show, which taught him how to use the POP Groups, VCAs, and routing. When we took it out to their portable site to mix a service, he really didn’t need much help.’

Both Tim Johnson and Wade Russell see the Pro2C as key to the success of this installation. ‘Being able to run a full 96k signal from the inputs to the amps means there is no loss of quality,’ said Mr Russell. ‘Having those Midas preamps at the head end and keeping the signal at 96k digital was the difference between a good system and a great one.’

‘I’ve always been a huge fan of Midas analogue consoles, so it was great to see that they’ve found a way to bring that quality to the digital world at such a great price,’ said Mr Johnson. ‘When you make an investment like this, you want your congregation to know that you’ve spent your money wisely. Hearing this system leaves no doubt that we did just that.’

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