Marshall Pro Sound completes largest Amadeus install in Asia

Marshall Pro Sound completes largest Amadeus install in Asia

Published: ASIA

KOREA: With the help of Korean distributor, Marshall Pro Sound Inc, Amadeus has completed one of its largest and most prestigious projects in Asia to date. Having managed the sound requirements of the National Assembly Hall in Seoul for the past 10 years, Marshall selected the manufacturer’s Diva XS line array to provide coverage in the main hall along with personal PMX studio monitors at each podium. The sound system was designed and installed with Marshall Pro Sound’s team including manager Dong Hwa Kang and assistant manager Tae Hwan Lee.

‘At the beginning stage of the project we were worried about the complicated structure of the semi-circle shaped ceiling and vast hall,’ stated Jung Hee Gu, the systems engineer in charge of setting up the sound system. ‘The position of the speakers, which needed to be hidden in the sides of the front LED displays, created challenging architectural acoustics and needed sophisticated sound design. We were not sure that there would be enough sound pressure and coverage with the compact Amadeus Diva XS speakers. But after repeated design alterations and simulations, with the completion of the install we were all very impressed with the quality of the Amadeus speakers.’

‘The speakers could not be installed in plain sight,’ continued Lee Song Wook, director of sound for the National Assembly Hall. ‘Therefore, we had difficulty in designing the installation – including the distortion of the phase and control of the balance of the right and left sides.’

Following the simulations, the main system was installed in the hall in left-right hangs each comprising eight Diva XS array speakers and four Diva XS15 bass enclosures. Two PMX 8 coaxial loudspeakers provide additional side coverage.

‘The advantage of a high sound pressure level speaker, with a compact size and a wide sound coverage, is that it helps keep people from becoming tired in spite of the often long meeting times in the Main Hall,’ added Mr Wook. ‘At present, everyone concerned with the install, including sound designers and engineers, are very happy with the choice of the Amadeus speakers. Of course, members of the South Korean legislative are also very satisfied with the updated sound conditions in the hall.’

A distributed system also provides personal monitoring for the chairman and at the podium. On stage, the chairman position has been installed with two compact PMX 5 coaxial speakers while the podium position received the manufacturer’s newest speaker solution, the ultra-compact PMX4. A further pair of PMX 5 loudspeakers were installed in the control room as monitors.

The control room has also been equipped with Yamaha CL3 and CL1 mixing consoles, used as main and backup respectively. The functionality of the desks has been expanded with Ashly’s NE2424M DSP processing matrix and Yamaha Rio-1608D stageboxes.

‘Many of the project’s construction aspects were complicated by limitations in the architectural acoustics of the vast hall,’ explained Marshall Pro Sound general manager, Kwang Ho Park. ‘However through a number of repeated design alterations, and painstaking tuning sessions after the speakers were installed, we were able to create a system offering excellent sound for this important Korean government institution. Amadeus was the right choice.’

‘This is one of the first major installations in South Korea for Amadeus and a proud moment in our company’s history,’ stated Gaetan BYK, marketing manager at Amadeus. ‘Amadeus identified South Korea in 2011 as one of its three priority development regions in our strategy of international expansion. Our objective is not to be present everywhere, but to be strategically well placed and to establish ourselves as a successful brand over the long term. We opened our international expansion in 2011 following a wonderful encounter with Jin Wan Kim, from Marshall Pro Sound, which became one of our two authorised dealers in South Korea.’

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