Musos Corner opens fully treated Primacoustic showroom studio

Musos Corner opens fully treated Primacoustic showroom studio

Published: ASIA

AUSTRALIA: A newly opened multi-purpose studio in New South Wales has been outfitted with a complete selection of Primacoustic acoustic treatment products. The 90° Studio training facility is the newest addition to Musos Corner, a large music retail store in Newcastle, and consists of a recording studio and control room showroom as well as practice and training rooms.

‘The fully functioning recording studio showroom is the first of its kind in Australia,’ explained Allon Silove, director of 90°. ‘We also incorporated a unique education and training environment for commercial audio courses and a technical services and solutions department. In the studio showroom, you can listen to and compare studio equipment brands just as you would a guitar or amplifier, a first in Australian music retail services.’

To help with planning the facility, Daniel Sievert was brought in from Amber Technology to consult, and between him and Mr Silove, the decision was made to intentionally build acoustically difficult square room configurations.

‘Most consumers, and nearly all educational facilities, only have pre-existing rooms with which to work with as music production spaces,’ continued My Silove. ‘Square rooms are far from being the ideal acoustic space configuration. Parallel walls, floors and ceilings create a multitude of standing-wave issues.

‘The Gyprock walls are also highly reflective and low frequencies have nothing to absorb them. We also had a very large glass viewing window between the control room and tracking room.’

A 3D model of the new environment was created and an acoustic treatment plan was devised. ‘The design of all the rooms had to incorporate a substantial amount of infrastructure including cabling, TV/computer screens, air-con, ceiling and wall mounts, windows and doors,’ Mr Sievert recalled. ‘I offered suggestions of treatment that would work harmoniously with the planned infrastructure whilst being flexible enough to re-arrange if layouts and infrastructure changed during the setup process.’

‘We knew we could use Primacoustic products to achieve two workable audio production spaces that would demonstrate how anyone could create a complete and affordable studio environment, regardless of their current space.’ Mr Silove added.

Deciding where to position the panels caused particular difficulties. Due to the location of the control room’s doors and windows, bass traps could not be used. This was resolved by mounting Fulltraps flat on the wall in the affected corners. A mix of Scatter Blocks and Control Columns were then used on the front wall to fill in the gaps between the two large wall-mounted video monitors.

Housing six digital workstations and master/teacher station for practice, training and tutoring, the facility’s Lab Room also received Primacoustic treatment, as well the remainder of the adorning music tuition rooms.

‘The 90º Studio Tracking room is now a relatively “flat” acoustic space, able to facilitate an entire band-at-once session while still maintaining a comfortable SPL for working and performing,’ concluded Mr Silove. ‘Our control room's acoustics now allow us to hear the true quality of our large range of high-end studio near-field monitors which in turn enables us to accurately demonstrate the unique ability of our facility to allow customers to listen to and compare all elements in the signal chain.’

Mr Sievert was also happy with how the spaces sounded after treatment. ‘It was definitely clarity of the sound in the rooms that I was most impressed with. They still have a pleasant “space” to their sound but the Primacoustic treatment seems to be removing any ring or echo. The visual effect of the treatment in the rooms is also very impressive. I'm told that the Primacoustic treatment is generally the first thing clients ask about when they see the studio.’

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