My Aeon gets Funktion One treatment

My Aeon gets Funktion One treatment

Published: ASIA

AUSTRALIA: Funktion One Australia recently supplied and installed a Funktion One sound reinforcement system into the My Aeon nightclub in Brunswick, Melbourne. ‘Moving forward and always wanting to move ahead, we knew the only way of doing this was by getting Funktion One into the venue!’ said My Aeon’s owner, Steven Sakkas.

To ensure an even sound dispersion with no dead spots, two Res 2 speakers were flown in a left/right configuration in the space, with two F121s stacked directly below. A F1201 speaker resides over the DJ booth as a monitor, whilst an XO2 system processor and an F60Q four-channel amplifier were also installed. Additional amplification is provided for by way of an MC2 T3500 two-channel and an MC2 T1000 two-channel amp. Equipment from dbx was also installed, and the club has also benefitted from a substantial amount of acoustic work, independent to the work of Funktion One Australia.

‘Steve had heard a number of brands of speaker, but was convinced that Funktion One was superior to the other systems he'd heard,’ said Funktion One Australia's John O'Donnell.

‘We trialled about four or five different configurations of F1 systems before Steve and I settled on this as the best option,’ he continued. ‘I felt that the 21-inch bass gave the most impact and really immersed the dance floor, whilst the Resolution 2s provide a focused and clean sound with great stereo imaging. The room has some acoustic challenges (which have been greatly improved by the installed acoustic panels) and this combination of speakers gave the best overall result. There is a large build up of bass in the DJ position and it was Steve's idea to trial the central DJ monitor. By tweaking the bass response of the monitor and by installing a bass trap behind the DJ we were able to get a really great sound at the DJ position, so kudos to Steve for that!’

‘I was first introduced to Funktion One about five years ago,’ said Mr Sakkas. ‘It has a big room sound with amazing acoustics and warmth – I have not heard a better system. It doesn't matter what music you're in to, it will make any track come to life. As a DJ, you are able to finally hear every piece of music in the track you play, and as an owner, the reaction of patrons is mind blowing! There are a few who know why the room has been transformed and there are others who just can't put their finger on it.

‘We have made significant additions to the room; adding bass traps along the brick wall, heavy curtains opposite, a studded wall with a huge piece of underlay and carpet, and long pieces of panels on the ceiling,’ he furthered. ‘All of this has been able to make the room sound tight with no reverb, which is very difficult when you have concrete floors and brick walls.’

Mr Sakkas stated that ‘with the artists we have playing there, we simply could not move forward unless we had the equipment to do so. Since its been installed, I must confess I feel like a kid in a candy store! I'm constantly surprised and excited at what I see and hear. To be working with quality DJs and producers who look forward to playing at the club is nice, and seeing their reaction to the sound is really gratifying.’

‘For me the most outstanding part of the project was having a club owner so dedicated and inspired by high end audio,’ enthused Mr O'Donnell. ‘It makes a very refreshing change to work with someone so willing to invest in the sound of their club, and I believe the result we've achieved is excellent.’

‘The result now is pretty amazing, but it hasn't stopped,’ concluded Mr Sakkas. ‘We are always looking to improve, and another phase of treating the room will begin in the next few weeks. Treating the room and tweaking the sound is now what drives me forward!’

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