OUHK Jubilee College opens with major A/V install

OUHK Jubilee College opens with major A/V install

Published: ASIA

HONG KONG: Celebrating its 25th anniversary in Hong Kong, the OUHK – Open University of Hong Kong Jubilee College, is a Hong Kong university with a difference, providing open and flexible learning for all those aspiring to quality higher education. The new Jockey Club campus was recently opened on Chung Hau Street, located in close proximity to the OUHK's main Ho Man Tin site. Providing full-time programmes in cultural and creative arts, testing and certification and medical services, the new facility is officially named Jubilee College. Guests and friends of the OUHK community recently attended the college’s opening ceremony and were impressed by the A/V facilities integrated within the acoustically treated 442-seat main auditorium. These audio and video facilities were serviced by ASCL and Shun Hing Technology respectively.

Armed with a long list of auditorium references, ASCL was contracted to provide the system into the multipurpose OUHK venue which now caters for live performances, movies, speeches, graduation ceremonies, presentations and lectures. With the addition of A1 antenna splitters and AB3 boosters, a multipurpose venue has been created, for which Renkus Heinz loudspeakers have been installed to create an LCR FOH system, front-fills, side-fills and a 7.1 surround sound system all powered by QSC CXD4.3 amplifiers.

The main FOH speaker system comprises three ceiling fixed CFX151c speakers, whilst two CFX81c models provide side-fills. Three CFX61c cabinets have been integrated into the lower lip of the stage for front-fills. The surround sound system combines 12 CFX81c speakers on the left, right and rear walls of the auditorium. An Extron SSP7.1 surround sound processor has been rack-mounted, ensuring no degradation of signal between the audio and video domains.

Audio processing is provided by a Biamp AudiaFlex NC system controller which comes with 10 inputs and 12 outputs and has been programmed with preset DSP functions allowing the venue technician to recall settings according to the performance being staged. Live shows can be mixed on an Allen & Heath GLD112 console which is situated in the same rear control room and linked to microphone inputs on stage via an AR2412 audio rack, whilst an AR84 audio expander promotes flexibility for remote use. To serve its multipurpose requirements, the auditorium is equipped with 14 channels of Sennheiser ew300 3G wireless mic systems, with the signal enhanced by ASA-1 splitters and AB-3 boosters.

Video sources include PCs, Blu-Ray players and three Panasonic HD cameras managed via AW-RP50 controllers delivering images onto three Draper motorised screens together with three 60-inch Sharp monitors installed onto the stage lip. An Extron Crosspoint 3200 provides XGA and HDMI inputs, acting as the junction between the sources and the screens. Three facility panels on the 1m height stage provide further flexibility, offering the podium portability. The recording of lectures and seminars is performed via two Sony XD camera HD recorders that are connected to a Rane DA216 2-input, 16-output distribution amplifier via an output patch panel.

Elsewhere, a multipurpose hall is primarily used for sports such as basketball but can be converted into an examination hall. The 22m x 16m space is furnished with three Panasonic cameras and four Renkus Heinz Heinz IC8 column speakers providing intelligible speech in the highly reverberant space. The venue is equipped with a Mackie VLZ3 1604 console and further Sennheiser G3 wireless microphones for musical events. The Panasonic cameras promote the broadcasting of lectures and performances remotely via IP streaming on the internet.

ASCL’s experience in listening to its clients’ needs continues to ensure that its venues are equally adept at staging a multitude of varied performances. The company’s ability in creating multipurpose A/V systems that can quickly and easily be adapted to the varying needs of clients continues to be a model of consistency.


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