Powersoft's Sound School tours Asia

Powersoft's Sound School tours Asia

Published: ASIA

ASIA: Powersoft has taken its Sound School on tour across Asia, beginning in Kuala Lumpur before moving onto Electronic & Engineering’s HQ in Singapore, and finally, ending the trip in Tokyo with distributor Matsuda Trading. The goals of the training sessions were to allow attendees hands-on experience with the manufacturer’s Armonía software through a live demo as well as learn more about the technologies employed in its range of amplifiers.

‘Every single course attracted around 40-50 attendees,’ stated Luigi Chelli, Sound School trainer and Powersoft sound engineer. ‘I was initially concerned about the level of difficulty for the attendees, but everything went smoothly. The audience was well prepared and able to follow even the deepest technical parts of the training. They were extremely receptive about all the little details and tricks shown during the session.’

The school offers professional training to sound system designers, system integrators, sound engineers, audio technicians and pro-audio dealers, with the aim of supporting professionals who work with Powersoft products.

‘Teaching and training are very important aspects for us and have a vital impact in the industry in the medium-to-long term,’ continued Francesco Fanicchi, Powersoft marketing and communication manager. ‘Above all, we strive to encourage the training of young people with a strong passion for audio and provide all the dynamics to drive the professional industry forward.’

The course was formed from two components. The first session based around the Armonía software investigated how to establish the initial connection to the amplifiers and how to wire the system to achieve the best results in terms of redundancy and fail-safe operation. This was followed with advanced training on the DSP capabilities, covering the finer details such as Active Damping Control, raised cosine and FIR equalisation.

The second part of the training course featured practical sessions that included tuning a PA from scratch and making a preset ex-novo by using the advanced features learnt previously. A demonstration of external tools to aid in sound system setup was also provided followed by an extensive Q&A session.

At Matsuda Trading (MTC) – where sessions were conducted in both English and Japanese – Mr Kiyoshi reported that he learnt a good deal, and that the seminar was both ‘informative and useful’: ‘The seminar certainly developed customer interest in Armonía, as they made positive efforts to ask questions,’ he commented.

From the customer point-of-view the course was a big success as well, with most feedback expressing an interest for further seminars, particularly for the manufacturer’s K series.

‘I realised I hadn’t been fully utilising the real cutting-edge features of Armonía,’ concluded one attendee. ‘Now all that will change.’


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