Pro Audio Innovations wrestles with SpekTrix at the Green Chapel

Pro Audio Innovations wrestles with SpekTrix at the Green Chapel

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WORLD: The Chapel, located in Akron, Ohio, recently renovated its sanctuary, opting to install an Adamson SpekTrix sound reinforcement system to replace the room’s old cluster of loudspeakers. The new system was designed and installed local company, Pro Audio Innovations, who faced difficult challenges getting the system mounted.

‘The sanctuary is a clamshell shaped room with a balcony and ramped seating on the sides,’ explained Dan Giarrana, owner of Pro Audio Innovations. ‘The room seats around 1,700 and the services are very well attended. They wanted a new system that would cover the room evenly and also be aesthetically attractive.’

The original sanctuary’s sound reinforcement system was based around a central cluster of speakers, however that soon proved to be problematic, providing uneven coverage throughout the room. As part of the recent renovation the sanctuary seized the opportunity to install an Adamson sound reinforcement system to resolve the issues.

Because the worship services vary and can include live praise bands, piano, or choir, it was important that the system be musical whilst also providing the intelligibility important during services.  On occasion the sanctuary is also used for concerts, which have a different set of requirements entirely.

Mr Giarrana explored a number of system concepts before deciding upon a line array system. After that it was a matter of deciding which one.

‘There are a number of great systems on the market, but when we checked out the Adamson SpekTrix line arrays we knew we had found our solution,’ added Mr Giarrana. ‘Online Marketing, the local rep firm was extremely helpful with fine-tuning the design and providing installation advice.’

The main PA consisted of eight SpekTrix enclosures flown left and right, run in stereo. A centre cluster of two SpekTrix subwoofers was flown in a cardioid pattern – making a complete in line 4-way system – and two T21 subwoofers located on the ground crossed below the SpekTrix subs received an analogue signal sent on an aux, creating essentially a 5-way system.

The SpekTrix is comprised of a three-way enclosure exhibiting high output for its compact size. The sound chamber has a defined coverage pattern of 5-degrees vertical by 120-degrees horizontal and produces a slightly curved, iso-phase wave front. The side, ramped seating, and balcony fills are provided by nine Adamson Point Concentric PC12 loudspeakers run passive and inline with the main AES L/R feed.

Once the system had been designed, it was time for installation, which presented more of a challenge for the than originally anticipated.

‘In order to hang the arrays to optimally cover the room, they needed to be at a certain height,’ Mr Giarrana explained. ‘Once we explored the ceiling we realised that a) we were going to have to build a structure that could handle the weight of the arrays and b) it would have to hang down 3.5m in between heat ducts already in the ceiling – so there was little room to work with.’

Needless to say, Mr Giarrana and his team were up to the task. They built a structure that could hold the 900Kg and also included motors that could raise and lower the arrays for maintenance if needed. All of the chain, wires and cable lines were neatly hidden in 4-inch conduit painted to match the line arrays.

Pro Audio Innovations provided Lab.gruppen PLM amplifiers to power the system. Two Yamaha M7CL consoles were located at front-of-house to handle both FOH and monitor duties, along with an Apogee Big Ben and ProCo Momentum digital snakes to tie the system together.

‘The church leaders are absolutely ecstatic with the results,’ concluded Mr Giarrana. ‘They could not be happier. The have heard nothing but compliments from their members and everyone is in agreement that this was a tremendous upgrade to services.’

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