Pyramid Mega Entertainment Club installed with L-Acoustics

Pyramid Mega Entertainment Club installed with L-Acoustics

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CAMBODIA: Sennheiser Asia from Singapore recently supplied, designed and installed an L-Acoustics sound reinforcement system for the Pyramid Mega Entertainment Club in Siem Reap. This project was a Cambodian first for the French manufacturer.

Having been inaugurated on Halloween in 2008, the Pyramid Mega Entertainment Club made a profound statement when it rose in the shadow of Angkor Wat. The masses of tourists that flock during daylight hours to see the temples north of Siem Reap are enticed by the dazzling lights as the sun goes down some 5km out of the city centre. Spread out over one-hectare, the nightlife and leisure complex consists of a discotheque, a bistro, a seafood restaurant, a beer garden, a 24-room karaoke lounge and an outdoor paintball centre.

Five Cambodian brothers including chairman Rithy Sear and CEO Tony Sear own the complex. ‘Siem Reap has a great selection of bars and restaurants catering for the young Cambodian professional class in addition to the many tourists, but we identified this gap in the market,’ said the CEO.

At the centre of the million-dollar Pyramid Mega Entertainment Club is the 350-capacity discotheque. It entices the masses with a stage for live performances, a DJ area and a central dance floor, which has been designed like an arena, together two bars and VIP lounges.

The main dance floor is served by two L-R arrays each consisting of four L-Acoustics Arcs II per side above the stage. The Arcs II speaker system is based upon a constant curvature WST line source, for which each cabinet radiates 22.5 degrees. Therefore, the four arrayed speakers combine to radiate a constant curvature wave-front of 90 degrees horizontally together with a vertical asymmetrical coverage of 60 degrees. Weighing 50kg, each Arcs II speaker combines a 15-inch neodymium woofer, a 4-inch coil with a one-inch neodymium diaphragm compression driver, operating within a frequency range of 50Hz-20kHz.

With a depth of 50Hz, some clubs may be satisfied with the low frequency range the Arcs II speakers offer, but Tony Sear demanded more. ‘Cambodians love deep bass,’ he declared. ‘When I was provided with a demonstration of the Arcs II system by Faz Salleh and Herman Bin Suparman from Sennheiser Asia, I was very impressed by its clarity and depth. But I knew we needed more punch.’

For that reason, four L-Acoustics SB28 double 18-inch subwoofers have been floor stacked in two pairs at the front of the stage, complemented by a further two SB18i single 18-inch subwoofers per side. In addition, another four SB18i subwoofers have been placed around the venue’s periphery. The entire speaker system is powered and driven by four LA4 amplifiers.

‘Due to the design of the catwalk, there were several areas with a bass trap,’ recalled Sennheiser Asia senior consultant Mr Salleh. ‘We had to experiment with the subwoofer positioning that would provide optimal performance. Cambodians love deep bass with strong punch and they repeatedly asked us to increase the decibels on the subs. Finally we were able to find a balance so that they now have a club with a powerful deep bass but with very good clarity. We tuned the system on different settings for both live and DJ performances. Our client is very happy with the results and we overheard comments from his customers that the Pyramid is the best sounding club in Siem Reap, if not the whole of Cambodia,’ he enthused.

The bands are mixed on a previously existing Allen & Heath GL2800 console, and are further assisted in the mix with a rack of TC Electronics M350 processors, dbx2231 equalisers and dbx MX266 compressors.

The discotheque – which plays mainly techno and R&B music – seems to be attracting more locals and tourists through its doors since the Sennheiser Asia team installed the system. ‘Sennheiser Asia has not only provided us with the best sounding club system in Cambodia, but they have given us great after sales support,’ said Mr Sear.

Sennheiser Asia also provided three sets of ew100 G3 wireless channels together with an ASA1 antenna splitter as part of the upgrade, whilst the live acts on stage use various Evolution vocal and instrument microphones such as the e-902, 904, 905, 906, 914 and 945 models.

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