Robe called on for Crown Gospel Awards

Robe called on for Crown Gospel Awards

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SOUTH AFRICA: Robe moving lights were right at the hub of the lighting action for the 2013 Crown Gospel Awards which recognises the best of South Africa’s vibrant gospel music scene. The event was staged at the Durban International Conference Centre and broadcast live for the first time by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).

The lighting was designed by Ryan Dunbar from the Durban branch of local production company, Gearhouse South Africa. It was his first time lighting the event for which he was also the set designer, and in another first, he decided to use 80 per cent LED sources for the lighting rig.

The lighting rig consisted of 18 Robe DLF Wash fixtures, six DLS Profiles, 30 LEDWash 600s and 70 LEDForce PRs. Twenty-four of Robe’s new Pointe multi-purpose moving lights were also used for beam effects.

Mr Dunbar wanted to use LED for a number of reasons, one was to achieve a rich and bright look onstage, the second was to save time in focusing generic fixtures and the third was to put the latest Robe LED technology through its paces in a live TV scenario. Three circular trusses were installed above the presenter positions and these together with two 30-degree angled side trusses left and right of the stage and some floor mount positions provided the lighting positions of the 24 Pointes.

Mr Dunbar had been using Pointes for about a month before the Crown Gospel Awards and they are now reportedly his beam light of choice. ‘You notice a real difference in the quality of the beam and its focus is far superior to competitor products,’ he commented. He also remarked that being able to fit four Pointes into a single flightcase is extremely convenient for transportation and makes expedient storage.

The 16 DLF Washes were used primarily for providing white light on the stage, for which they worked really well, and he had the additional flexibility of getting an array of strong colours out of them.

The DLS Profiles were used as key lights for the presenter positions. ‘They were great and saved both time and resources as no-one had to climb the trusses and focus them,’ explain Mr Dunbar. The framing shutters were also ‘super cool’ and ideal for removing any unwanted light or spillage. He likes the ‘soft white’ of the DLS which was excellent for enhancing skin tones and the colour temperature was also good at around 5200K

The 30 LEDWash 600s were used as back lighting and to create ‘eye-candy’, rigged on the circular trusses and run in Mode 5 giving individual control over each ring of LEDs. The LEDForce PARs were used all around the set and for truss warming.

Mr Dunbar took a calculated risk in using such a high percentage of LED fixtures for the Crown Gospel Awards in that he did not have any additional generic white light coverage ‘in case’ on the rig from the FOH position. Rather, he relied solely on the DLSs and the DLFs to achieve the requisite levels.

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