SLS makes Diamond Fashion Show sparkle

SLS makes Diamond Fashion Show sparkle

Published: MEA

UAE: SLS Production recently supplied the audio, lighting, video and rigging solution for the Diamond Fashion Show held at the Armani Pavilion at the Burj Khalifa. The event was part of the 20th edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival and held in partnership with Dhamani Jewels.

The largest aspect of the event for SLS was the rigging. ‘We used a total of 280m of truss,’ recalled SLS project manager Nico de Klerk. ‘We built a 32m long, 14m wide and 10m high ground support structure with our Superbeam (62cm x 92cm) truss. This was done to achieve sufficient height and strength for the lighting and sound systems.

‘The client also had a specific request that they did not want the guests to feel exposed to a trussing structure,’ he continued. ‘To achieve this look, we covered all trussing in black material and built wooden boxes around the support legs to entirely eliminate the awareness of the trussing.’

The audio side of the project saw SLS call on equipment from JBL, Crown, Yamaha, Shure, Pioneer and XTA. ‘Sound wise we had to cover the entire area with a crowd of 300 people to be able to hear the music of the opera performer, as well as the fashion show music, with some speeches in between,’ said Mr de Klerk. ‘This was achieved by two main line arrays consisting of six JBL Vertec VT4887 per array. The delay was set at 24m and consisted of two line arrays each featuring four JBL Vertec VT4887.’

Low end was courtesy of four JBL VT4880A subs. The speakers were powered by Crown amplifiers and processed by a pair of XTA DP448 loudspeaker management systems. Control was via a 32-channel Yamaha LS9 console while sources consisted of a Pioneer DJ setup with CDJ-2000 players and a DJM-800 mixer plus a pair of Shure UR4D wireless handheld mics. Clear-Com was used for the wired and wireless comms system.

Equipment from Christie was called on for the visual side of the show, while the lighting solution was split into several different aspects. ‘The main focus of the event lighting was the fashion runway and the diamonds that the models were showcasing,’ said Mr de Klerk. ‘Therefore we chose the Arri 2kW Fresnels above the main runway for its power, and inserted a frost gel to soften the harshness of the light. The runway was supported from the sides and front by the ETC Source Four Profile lights to give sharp focused lights in general and to create certain plotted position spots on the runway.’

Also important were the decorative features like the sparkling chiffon backdrop and diamond shaped truss. ‘To utilise the chiffon and get the sparkle in the best possible manner we used Clay Paky Sharpy moving heads to shine onto the material,’ explained Mr de Klerk. ‘The diamond shaped truss was a unique design by SLS that shows our ability to push the boundaries of the equipment at our disposal. We filled the diamond with our “truss warmers” formally known as Color Kinetics Color Blast LED which enabled us to light up the diamond shape with any colour.’

In addition to these aspects, SLS also supplied a 30m long LED fairy light tunnel as the entrance to the venue and covered the seating area with Showtec LED Par fixtures and Martin Mac 301 moving head washes. On top of this, custom gobos for DSF, Dahmani and The Diamond Fashion show were projected by Clay Paky Apha Spot HPE 1200 spots.

With such a large volume of equipment to supply and set up, the main challenge for SLS was the timeframe to prepare the Armani Pavilion. ‘The venue was being used for a different event the evening before the fashion show. We also had seven external suppliers that all had to setup different supporting features of the event, not including the hotel catering,’ said Mr de Klerk. ‘The sheer size of the setup with the small time frame and an exclusive venue that needs to uphold high standards at all-time, meant the logistics and execution of the event had to be carefully planned and sharply overseen.

‘We overcame the challenges by carefully liaising with the hotel and suppliers, and planning everything to the last second and millimetre,’ continued the project manager. ‘We had great cooperation from everyone and a professional manner ensured that the event was executed to a high standard.’

He added that, ‘for our clients’ peace of mind, SLS Production is now ISO 9001 certified and also Occupational Health & Safety Management certified - OHSAS 18001.’

Reflecting on the event, Mr de Klerk is satisfied with the show. ‘We were satisfied with the overall result, however we believe in working harder to achieve better results with every show.’

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