Shure debuts GLX-D with LINKFREQ plus Centraverse installation mics

Shure debuts GLX-D with LINKFREQ plus Centraverse installation mics


Shure has opened 2013 with a flood of new products including microphones dedicated to the installation sector, an intelligent automixer, a wireless system with automatic frequency management and an affordable wireless set-up for musicians.

Topping the list is the Centraverse range of installed microphones, described by Shure as offering an ‘ideal price-performance ratio’. The range encompasses gooseneck, boundary and overhead models.

The cardioid gooseneck condensers come in 12-inch and 18-inch lengths, either with or without an integrated mute button plus related LED indicator. Alternately, the boundary microphones are available in cardioid or omnidirectional polar patterns and black and white colour options. The hanging microphone is a condenser for overhead applications and includes a wire aiming hanger for optimal placement. All of the models incorporate CommShield Technology to protect against unwanted RF interference from portable wireless devices.

Equally new is the SCM820, an eight-channel digital automatic mixer with two independent outputs designed for use in speech applications, including sound reinforcement, broadcasting, and audio recording.

The IntelliMix technology is described by the manufacturer as providing ‘seamless activation of the best microphone for a particular talker, while attenuating microphones that are not being addressed’. End-users can select from a choice of five IntelliMix mode presets including a Smooth mode, which combines gain sharing-style automixing with the benefits of traditional IntelliMix. When operated in dual mix mode, two independent automixes are routed to the mix A and B outputs, facilitating simultaneous reinforcement and recording using different IntelliMix modes.

Other features include a choice of either DB25 or block connector models, each with eight analogue input channels, optional Dante networking, and the choice of configuring direct outputs for each channel as either gated or ungated.

Elsewhere, the Microflex Wireless (MXW) range is intended for use in high-end boardroom and meeting room environments, allowing up to 40 compatible channels per room (depending on region). It includes ‘a complete system of products including wireless microphone transceivers, docking chargers, access point transceivers and multi-channel networking interfaces’.

All of the components within the range are networked via standard Ethernet, allowing for status monitoring of all system elements including real-time battery conditions as well as remotely changing the gain of the microphones. The components are also compatible with AMX, Crestron and other touchscreen controllers, while the browser-based Microflex Wireless Control software can be used to automate features such as system setup.

Outside of install and instead focused on live performance, the GLX-D digital wireless system incorporates Shure’s LINKFREQ automatic frequency management technology – the first from the company to do so.

Operating in the 2.4GHz frequency band, GLX-D uses LINKFREQ to analyse the RF spectrum, determine the best available frequencies and automatically deploy them to the transmitter and receiver. Additionally, in the presence of RF interference, the GLX-D receiver and transmitter move together to clean frequencies with no audio signal interruption.

The system comes in a variety of traditional bodypack and handheld configurations, including vocal, headset, and presenter systems, as well as a new pedal-mounted guitar option. Meanwhile, each transmitter in the range is powered by a custom intelligent lithium-ion battery for up to a reported 16 hours of continuous use at full charge. Charging the battery for up to 1.5 hours takes only 15 minutes through power options including USB. Additionally, the standard GLXD4 receiver features an LCD detailing battery life status by hours and minutes.

Finally, BLX wireless systems have been introduced as an affordable option for performers and presenters seeking ease of use on a budget. The series offers a number of receiver options, including a half-rack size for installed applications, plus a one-touch QuickScan frequency scanning feature to help cope with difficult RF environments. A total of 14 hours of battery life are available from two AA batteries.

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