Sindo Exports brings KV2 and Allen & Heath to Wala Wala

Sindo Exports brings KV2 and Allen & Heath to Wala Wala

Published: ASIA

SINGAPORE: Sindo Exports Pte Ltd recently supplied a KV2 Audio sound system and an Allen & Heath GLD80 digital console to the Wala Wala venue, located in a largely residential area in Holland Village.

Wala Wala opened its doors almost 20 years ago, and started hosting live music acts some 10 years later following the refurbishment of its first floor storage area. The venue complies with local noise pollution regulations having been extensively soundproofed.

The relatively small live room is fairly typical for Singapore in that the small stage has a wide audience area but a shallow depth, and so the original sound reinforcement system suffered from reverberation when the levels were increased. Recognising the need to overcome the degrading quality of the audio, Wala Wala’s management decided that it required the full time services of an audio technician to mix the 11 weekly acts.

‘Having decided to recruit and engineer in Mark Jason, we then realised that the club needed a sound system,’ commented operations manager Maniam Krishnan. ‘Bands previously mixed themselves, which was a little inconsistent as some would be too loud and others were inexperienced.’

Having invited several distributors to demonstrate various speaker systems, management finally opted for a KV2 Audio solution. Supplied by Sindo Exports Pte Ltd, two ceiling suspended ES1.0 speakers are supplemented by two floor mounted ES2.5 subwoofers powered by two EPAK2500R amplifiers. Mounted via M10 suspension points, the three-way ES1.0 speakers combine 12-inch LF and 6-inch mid-range woofers with a 1.75-inch high frequency compression driver mounted onto a 90° x 40° rotatable horn. The dual 15-inch ES2.5 subwoofers further extend this design to a four-way system, providing low frequencies down to 34Hz.

‘The KV2 Audio system was probably above our budget,’ admitted Mr Jason. ‘It’s like test driving a Ferrari and realising that you cannot drive anything else once you’ve experienced it. They’re incredibly powerful speakers and it’s only on weekends when I start to push them a little more that you can start to appreciate the power and the warmth that the ES1.0 speakers possess. You could cater to audiences in their thousands rather than a couple of hundred, so we have probably over specified. But whether we’re hosting a solo acoustic act or a five-piece rock band, the vocal clarity, fullness and definition is all there. The bands and the audience love it.’

The cramped conditions on the small stage required some consideration in terms of musician monitoring, which ruled out large wedges. Furthermore, the majority of the bands did not wish to use in ear monitors. The solution has been provided by way of four KV2 Audio ESM26 dual six-inch monitors.

‘They’re very powerful, can deliver a sensitivity of 98dB per-watt per-metre, and take up little room on stage,’ said Mr Jason. Powered by an ESP4000 four channel amplifier, the ESM26 monitors incorporate a 100 x 100 degree horn for wide and deep dispersion providing the various performers with good coverage regardless of movement.

Sindo Exports supplied the Allen & Heath GLD80 digital console in advance of the KV2 Audio speaker system. ‘Wala Wala previously had a small analogue console, but switching to digital made a lot of sense owing to the many, varied performers playing here. It took some time to get used to it, but the layout is intuitive and the mic-pres are clean. I have created pre-set for each act in addition to default and general pre-sets, but I tend to mix on the fly as well,’ Mr Jason added.

Wala Wala has also applied acoustic foams on the ceiling and behind the bar area, which is said to have significantly dampened reverberation and splash back.

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