St Lucy Parish upgrades with Symetrix

St Lucy Parish upgrades with Symetrix

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WORLD: A/V integrator Zamar Media Solutions was recently hired to replace St Lucy Parish’s decades-old sound reinforcement system. Based in Campbell, California, the HOW’s 1,200-seat sanctuary holds daily mass, and on the weekends is filled repeatedly for multiple masses – many of which use different musicians and groups that tailor their messages to different groups.

The new system is centred on a pair of Symetrix SymNet Radius 12x8 DSP, which network together using the Dante protocol and provide customised, open-architecture programming.

‘St Lucy Parish had been limping along with an insufficient sound system that was 20 or 30 years old,’ explained Michael Dow, president of Zamar Media Solutions. ‘I drew up a proposal for them a few years ago, but they decided to wait. However, the old system recently failed completely, and they called me up. I dusted off my earlier proposal and made a few edits to bring it up to date.’

Mr Dow had originally specified Symetrix SymNet Express DSP, but with the new Symetrix SymNet Radius 12x8 now available, he recognised that it would provide more processing power, a better I/O count and near-zero latency Dante networked audio.

In addition to the new DSP, Mr Dow and Zamar Media Solutions customer, system programmer Tim Fairbairn also equipped the church with an entirely new front end and loudspeaker system. Four new Shure ULXD digital wireless microphones replaced their old wireless mics, and the church also invested in Audix MG15 podium microphones and a pair of Audix M1255 condensers for the choir.

Music playback devices, an on-stage PreSonus band mixer and multiple input jacks complete the input list. Powersoft’s M-series amplifiers power Martin Audio OmniLine loudspeakers and subwoofers, arrayed as left-right main, left-right side-fill, and centre subs. Distributed sound provides coverage throughout the building. Additional outputs include a Listen Technologies assisted listening system and a Denon PMD580 MP3/wave recorder.

‘There are a lot of differences from service to service, both in terms of the musicians present and in terms of the audio media required, and St Lucy Parish is benefitting from the SymNet Radius 12x8’s ability to customise the processing on each of the many input channels,’ said Mr Dow. ‘Between the two boxes, we have 24 inputs and 16 outputs, and any input can be sent to any output because they are networked together using Dante. We’re happy to see that Dante is being embraced by the industry because it’s easy to use and has almost no latency.’

Mr Fairbairn and Mr Dow programmed the SymNet Radius 12x8s using Symetrix’ SymNet Composer software. Users control the system using an Extron TLP 1000MV 10-inch touchscreen, which communicates with the SymNet Radius 12x8 system, the Furman power sequencing, the Denon PMD850 recorder, the music playback devices and the entire dual screen projection system.

‘The choir members were absolutely floored by the quality of the new sound system,’ enthused Mr Fairbairn. ‘Indeed, this marks the first time ever that the choir can be heard by the rest of the congregation. During practice, the choir members took turns touring the seating area while the rest kept singing so that everyone could hear how well the choir can be heard now. Also, while the organist was playing for the choir, the choir could be clearly heard over the organ – a new experience! I overheard a lot of happy responses to the system at the following mass.’

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