Star Casino’s Event Centre gets d&b treatment

Star Casino’s Event Centre gets d&b treatment

Published: ASIA

AUSTRALIA: A d&b audiotechnik J Series system was recently installed into the Star Casino’s Event Centre in Sydney. Echo Entertainment set out to make the attraction the best entertainment venue in Australia, and awarded the Event Centre design to Scéno Plus from Montreal, whilst electroacoustic consultants Audio Systems Logic (ASL) was engaged to ensure a no compromise brief.

‘Scéno Plus previously designed several venues in North America including ‘The Joint’ at The Hard Rock in Las Vegas,’ said Stephen Wickham, entertainment manager for the Event Centre. ‘I visited ‘The Joint’ to hear the d&b system and discuss it with Chas Smith, their executive director of entertainment operations. That venue had opened with Paul McCartney to rave reviews, and in the two years of operation since, not one act had asked to change the PA,’ he enthused.

The brief for the Event Centre was to be a multipurpose venue capable of presenting major concerts, large banquets, tradeshows and corporate events. ‘The primary purpose however was to be capable of presenting “A list” concert artists with quick turnarounds,’ confirmed Mr Wickham. ‘Installing a sound system of the highest spec that would be acceptable to any touring artist was part of the plan to achieve this.’

‘It was a good joint exercise between us and we have a healthy on-going relationship with Scéno Plus,’ added ASL director Simon Lappas. ‘Being purpose built for sound reinforcement in particular, we imposed significantly tighter control over how sound reinforcement could be optimised and the acoustic environment enhanced.'

The acoustic finishes needed to be adapted to available local domestic products to achieve the targeted outcomes of Scéno Plus,’ he explained. ‘Through our EASE modelling we defined more clearly the STI levels, the direct and reverberant sound pressure levels, and then applied the very predictable performance of the d&b J system upon it. Unlike many other manufacturers, data provided by d&b is extremely detailed and accurate – for example supplying beam-width plots.

‘We calibrate our models; we go into a space at various stages during construction and take measurements as changes occur,’ he furthered. ‘We’ve specified d&b on several occasions ourselves, but we did look at alternative manufacturers and products for this project. In the end you have to admit d&b has a reputation for a reason.’

‘Working with Scéno Plus has been a real pleasure,’ smiled Mr Wickham. ‘Both them and ASL offer expertise, dedication and extreme attention to detail – and it is a credit to them. Installers Stowe Electrical under Nick Price did an amazing job and has continued to support us since the opening shows. National Audio Systems (NAS) were with us from the outset, and their guys were great. Seeing that PA go up and listening to it for the first time was a day I shall remember for a long time. Everyone was walking around with a smile from ear to ear.’

‘From our perspective the Star Event Centre is like sitting in a listening room with a pair of high end hi-fi loudspeakers, it’s that good,’ added Mr Lappas. ‘The combined effect is a space exhibiting a high degree of musicality and a venue for concert touring that exceeds anything else available in Australia.’

‘We have only had a couple of shows so far but everyone has commented on how amazing the room sounds both onstage and in the house,’ concurred Mr Wickham. ‘The sound is the most talked about element of the venue since it opened; and believe me it has quite a few other amazing features such as the vision and broadcast facilities.’

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