Ten Years After Audio deploys JBL for The Voice Thailand concert

Ten Years After Audio deploys JBL for The Voice Thailand concert

Published: ASIA

THAILAND: Ten Years After Audio (TYAA) recently deployed its new JBL VTX line array system and Crown I-Tech HD amplifiers for Coca-Cola Thailand’s ‘Real Voice, Real Talent’ concert, which featured performances from all 59 contenders from the TV series ‘The Voice Thailand’. This was the first time TYAA used its full VTX system, which it purchased through Mahajak Development Co.

Held at the Rajamangala National Stadium in Bangkok, the concert featured a large, square stage set up in the middle of the stadium, with loudspeakers and amplifiers on all four sides of the stage. The main PA system featured 36 VTX V25 full size line array elements, flown in left-right arrays of nine elements each, at the front of house and opposite sides of the stage. These were supplemented with 32 VTX S28 subwoofers, deployed on the ground in four cardioid-configured arrays of eight each.

The other two sides of the stage featured left-right arrays of six VerTec VT4889 line array elements each, for a total of 24 VT4889 elements. A total of 24 VerTec VT4880 subwoofers were on these two sides of the stage, deployed on the ground in four cardioid-configured arrays of six each. Powering the loudspeakers were 32 Crown VRack 12000HD amplification systems (for a total of 96 I-Tech 12000HD amplifiers). Utilising the built-in signal distribution and on-board DSP resources of the VRack 12000HD’s, TYAA was able to drive the entire system with JBL V5 tunings.

Meanwhile, 16 JBL STX815 loudspeakers were pole-mounted for supplementary fill, with additional STX815 loudspeakers for stage monitors, powered by eight Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD amplifiers. Soundcraft Vi6 and Vi1 consoles were used for FOH and monitor positions, while system design and management was handled by JBL HiQnet Performance Manager.

‘We collaborated on the system design with Performance Manager, virtually building the system together within the framework of the software, and it was an incredibly smooth process,’ said Eric Friedlander, business developer, tour sound, Crown Audio (who provided onsite support for the event). ‘TYAA worked with Paul Bauman – senior manager, tour sound for JBL – to optimise the PA virtually in JBL Line Array Calculator 2, so when setting up the system, we simply had to load the Performance Manager file into the amps and it made for a phenomenal starting point.

‘In addition, Performance Manager was key in setting up the cardioid subwoofer configurations on-site,’ he added. ‘Setting up the proper DSP with one click on a speaker in Performance Manager enabled TYAA to simply deploy the subs knowing the optimal settings were already in place.’

‘Unquestionably, it is a great honour for us to have this opportunity to employ world-class audio systems for the best performance for our customers,’ commented Chavalit Mahaviriyakul of TYAA. ‘We could not be more confident in Harman and Mahajak, as well as our decision to upgrade to the JBL VTX series.’


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