A digital Sunrise

A digital Sunrise

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USA: Today, the Sunrise Church has six campuses across Southern California. In 1956, the church was founded with its inaugural sanctuary in Rialto, which 60 years later would undergo an upgrade to its audio systems for broadcast, monitoring and at FOH.

The upgrade was required due to Sunrise’s active worship arts ministry and video production that most likely were not a concern when the church began more than half a century ago. The church also has a praise band and choir requiring the management of over 40 microphones in addition to other audio sources that come into play during special events. As well as weekend and mid-week worship services, Sunrise also hosts holiday services at Christmas and Easter and special events that include its Women's Night of Worship.

In seeking a solution to mix this wide range of events in Rialto, Sunrise turned to Huntington Beach-based Pacific Coast Entertainment, purchasing three dLive digital mixing systems from Allen & Heath – one for FOH, one for monitoring and one for broadcast. The decision was reached following discussions with Pacific Coast Entertainment account executive, Kent Flemming, and having taken several digital mixing systems into consideration.

‘We wanted a volunteer-friendly mixer that was easy to understand,’ explains Sunrise Church’s tech director, Craig King. ‘The dLive’s bubble menu help screens are awesome and the built-in compression and effects eliminated our outboard processing.’

The system at FOH comprises a DM64 and a pair of DX32 MixRacks alongside an S7000 surface. Another S7000 has been installed at the side of the stage for the monitor mix with a DM32 MixRack. To mix the church’s live internet broadcasts, the church has been equipped with an S3000 digital mixer and an additional DM32 that have been deployed in an isolated booth.

The dLive system replaces an old analogue solution in Rialto, and following the early success the church has enjoyed with the its new digital mixers, Mr King hopes to upgrade to the Allen & Heath digital solution at the other sites. ‘I feel a lot more secure in what I’m doing and where we’re going with the dLive,’ he says. ‘We’re still getting used to it, but the drag-and-drop setup makes things easy and the visual meters tell me when I need compression or effects.’

The old setup also relied on its FOH system to produce a broadcast mix. ‘Broadcast is its own separate world, now,’ Mr King enthuses with regards to the upgrade.

Another feature of the dLive system that has come in handy for Sunrise is its ability to save ‘scenes’ that store the settings for different types of services and events. The church replaces its praise band with a choir every fourth Sunday and holds events with alternative audio setups such as weddings and funerals. The tech director uses the scenes functionality to save layers and fader banks for microphone groups for each type of service.

‘The dLive was a perfect fit for Sunrise,’ concludes Mr Flemming. ‘The usability is incredible and the church has Allen & Heath GLD and Qu Series mixers in other locations so their volunteers were able to learn the dLive quickly. A pastor has also told me that the sound quality in the church was 100 per cent better!’


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