APG ignites Singapore’s Republic Polytechnic

APG ignites Singapore’s Republic Polytechnic

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SINGAPORE: The number of students and staff of Singapore’s Republic Polytechnic (RP) actively involved with the planning and realisation of its annual Ignite! Music Festival added up to around 1,000 people. The committee was so large as several of the students’ diplomas relate to arts, marketing, project and process management, and professions such as lighting and audio engineering. This part of RP’s educational programme is what gets Ignite going.

As Ignite took place for the ninth time, the majority of work was executed by students, with members of staff remaining in key positions. As Ganesh Kalyanam, director of RP’s Office of Student and Graduate Affairs and acting festival director put it, ‘our main goal with Ignite is for our students to apply in the real world what they have learnt in the classroom.’

Ignite 2016 stretched over two weeks with a series of events such as band auditions and smaller performances, artistic and technical workshops. A two-day outdoor festival with 14 local bands highlighted the end. While the 15,000 students enjoy an arsenal of sound, light and video equipment including digital Yamaha mixing consoles and Shure Wireless rack systems, the demand for the larger outdoor stage drives in-house supply to its limits, welcoming help from industry partners and sponsors.

‘In past years the event had suffered from insufficient sound coverage across the challenging venue,’ described festival chief sound engineer, Anuar Yusof. ‘It is much wider than deep and surrounded by school buildings.’

Help came from APG and its Singapore-based office led by Sebastian Song. ‘I had heard of APG’s success at similar events in Europe and learnt about Uniline technology,’ stated Rafi Dean, technical manager at RP’s Cultural Centre and Ignite’s technical director and production manager. ‘I was excited to be able to use it at Ignite’s problematic outdoor venue.’

APG flew in its marketing and business development director, Grégory Dapsanse, and freelance sound system engineer and designer Raphaël Maçon. The manufacturer’s personnel also conducted a sound reinforcement workshop on Uniline ahead of the event.

‘I knew from Mr Dean that sound at Ignite needed improvement. We were more than happy to support the event with a workshop and by providing our local Uniline demo system for the festival,’ noted Mr Song. ‘All in all it was positive exposure for both RP and us.’

‘The long lines from the eight APG UL210 modules per side gave us precise control over directivity all the way down to around 400Hz, which we needed to avoid reflections from the three nearby buildings,’ said Mr Maçon, describing the FOH system he commissioned. ‘Two UL210D per side were required as additional front-fills.’

Also deployed were 10 UL118B modules in an arc configuration while 16 SA30:2 Class-D amplifiers provided power for the system. DSM48 DSP controllers were utilised, as Mr Maçon recalled. ‘The controllers’ FIR filters enabled us to provide consistent coverage across the frequency range.’

‘Uniline performed flawlessly. APG’s support with the workshop and setup was extremely helpful. Uniline’s modularity makes it ideal for educational institutions like ours,’ declared Mr Dean following a successful event. ‘I too was impressed with APG’s support as well as the performance of its Uniline system,’ added Mr Kalyanam.

‘Ignite was a great chance for us to show what is acoustically achievable with Uniline, as it allows configurations for various venue sizes.’ concluded Mr Dapsanse. ‘The workshop at RP was a tremendous extra opportunity for exchange of knowledge.’


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