Concept Audio launches Nexo STM in Malaysia

Concept Audio launches Nexo STM in Malaysia

Published: ASIA

MALAYSIA: Concept Audio recently launched Nexo’s STM system in Malaysia. Held at the Selangor Turf Club, the two-day launch was attended by over 200 guests.

The launch was sponsored by the first STM user in the country, the Mubari Group of companies, and was attended by Nexo’s Asia sales manager Nicolas Kirsch and system engineer, Val Gilbert. The entire Concept Audio team was also present, including its board of directors, Andy Tan and Andrew Lee. Concept Audio’s system engineer Rico Yong was in charge of the speaker rigging process, the stage set-up and other technical requirements, whilst Shelby Liew took the role of event organiser and coordinator.

The launch included a demonstration of the STM main M46 unit, the STM B112 bass unit and the STM S118 sub-bass unit. Concept Audio also used the event to demonstrate Nexo’s NUAR universal amplifier rack, including NXAMP4x4 amps with DMU digital input metering devices and DPU digital output patching devices.

Mr Kirsch and Mr Gilbert explained the benefits of the STM during the rigging and shootout session. Following this, a live band led by singer Winnie Ho performed using the STM.

The 200 + guests were made up of consultants, hotel and club owners, government sector members, broadcasting professionals, event and rental companies, representatives from houses of worship, schools, universities, colleges, shopping malls and various systems integration companies.

‘The attendance was overwhelming,’ said Ms Liew. ‘Besides local guests, there were also representatives from Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and India. They joined us for the two days, staying with us from the rigging session until the end of the event.

‘It was absolutely a success,’ Ms Liew confirmed. ‘Selangor Turf Club is a local equestrian club-house, and besides having a large field which was perfect for our demo (more than 100m in length!) they also have an indoor space where we set up our event photo booth and catering, so we didn’t have to worry about any rain.

‘After the launch, we received lots of positive feedback from our guests,’ she added. ‘Support has been overwhelming. The guests were very impressed with the system’s loudness, clarity, rigging technology and throwing distance.’

Ms Liew is confident that the STM will be a success throughout Malaysia. ‘STM is a scalable loudspeaker, and Malaysia’s events range from small to large.’

Besides promoting the STM system, the event was also utilised to increase Concept Audio’s exposure in the market. ‘This wasn’t merely a launching seminar or a showcase; it also served the purpose of strengthening our relationship with our valued business partners,’ said Ms Liew. ‘Therefore, we will definitely devise a similar event like this in the future.

‘Rather than the traditional way of launching a seminar, whereby guests normally come and go within 30 minutes to an hour, I planned a party-style launch for the STM,’ she explained. ‘We were able to keep guests entertained whilst delivering our message.

‘Approximately four months were spent preparing for this event, which included deciding the venue, choosing the invitation card design, gifts, the equipment, selecting which artists would perform, the catering menu, and even choosing the colours on the cocktail tables,’ Ms Liew furthered. ‘We were very particular with every detail, and all of this effort was worth it to make sure that we delivered the best launch experience for our guests.’

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