Lawo, Sennheiser and Neumann team up for Dubai training

Lawo, Sennheiser and Neumann team up for Dubai training

Published: MEA

UAE: Lawo, Sennheiser and Neumann recently partnered for a live and theatre mixing workshop in Dubai. Hosted at the Hotel Ibis One Central and split into four sessions, the event attracted technical engineers, sound engineers and technical directors.

‘Almost all sessions were fully booked and the atmosphere very focused,’ said Lawo sales director – Middle East, Klaus-Jörg Jasper. ‘This workshop centred on the core question for live concerts – how to achieve the best live sound experience for your audience? The scheduled programme included capturing sound by using digital microphones, transporting audio via IP networks and mixing on digital, network-enabled audio consoles.’

‘From our side the training went very well,’ added John McGregor, business development manager – systems solutions channel for Sennheiser Middle East. ‘Being able to showcase our Neumann Solution D microphone system and Sennheiser Digital microphones side by side with a Lawo console was perfect. It allowed our customers to see and experience the workflow that makes our digital microphones unique.

‘The turnout was good,’ continued Mr McGregor. ‘The attendees were people we have not seen in the past but are big Sennheiser users. It was great to be able to introduce them to some of our flagship equipment that will change the way they are working.’

‘The demonstrators and training experts were happy about the eager participants who, folowing the traning, were capable of finding “their” optimal sound by using the Sennheiser/Neumann/Lawo setup,’ agreed Hervé de Caro, Lawo’s live sound specialist. ‘And for Lawo in particular it was an event to demonstrate to the engineers – who knew Lawo mainly as a broadcast manufacturer – that the company’s portfolio provides products and solutions for theatres, live applications and the install market. Proof of Lawo’s presence in this segment are projects like last year’s and this year’s Bastille Day with 500,000 spectators listening to the performance for the 250 musicians of the National Orchestra of France and the Radio France Choir, with many opera soloists, using two front-of-house Lawo mc²36 mixing consoles.’

One of the key aspects to the training session was highlighting the digital signal chain. ‘With modern digital signal paths we are able to dramatically simplify the workflow of nearly any production,’ said Mr McGregor. ‘This is a dramatic change in how things are done and will allow for much less equipment being able to do a larger job. It really is a step change in how production workflows are planned and executed.’

‘Today’s PA/line array systems are able to reproduce the slightest nuances in sound, so today a fully digital signal workflow makes maximum sense,’ added Mr Jasper. ‘It allows users to produce an experience never achieved before. Lawo and Neumann/Sennheiser have developed a solution to provide the full digital signal chain from the microphone into the mixing console by way of Neumann’s DMI-8 digital microphone interface utilising Ravenna audio-over-IP technology. The completely integrated digital workflow that results from using digital microphones takes the dynamic range and signal fidelity to an exciting new level and production tasks like line check can be executed in just a few seconds.’

The manufacturers believe their collaboration for this event has been successful. ‘The two companies who have developed the integrated audio signal transfer and processing know the best way to combine their products, demonstrating how to optimise the sound experience for the audience under different conditions,’ stated Mr de Caro. ‘Furthermore, Sennheiser, Neumann and Lawo stand for the future of the industry in using R&D resources to achieve integration of products into IP infrastructures.’

‘Working with Lawo on training sessions like this is really important to us,’ agreed Mr McGregor. ‘We are able to showcase our products in a true workflow environment. This means our end users and potential customers can see the real benefits of using our equipment and how it will change the way they work for the better.’

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