Protec delivers for canal opening

Published: MEA

UAE: Italian company Prodea called on the services of Protec for the recent opening ceremony of the Dubai Water Canal. Protec met the audio, visual and lighting needs for multiple areas during the event.

‘We provided an audio solution for several areas over the canal site, including the main opening ceremony, a pre-function area in which there was live entertainment, a walkway between the two and the legacy activation zone at the end of the canal,’ explained Protec audio engineer, Dan Dignan who covered the opening ceremony. ‘All areas local to the main grandstand were connected via fibre and full control was from one desk, allowing us to be flexible and quick for anything the client requested, and also to be fully redundant. We supplied timecode to several areas at FOH and back stage, and also supplied outputs for comms (Delta Sound), OB (Seven Productions) and translation (DLC Events).’

The event itself required a large variety of equipment from the Protec inventory. The main stage area featured an L-Acoustics K2 main PA with 12 cabinets per side. Low end was via 12 of the manufacturer’s SB28 subs while six 115XT HiQ were on stage as monitors. Power for the solution was via 18 L-Acoustics LA8 amplifiers. A DiGiCo SD10 with SD Rack and SD Mini was called into action for mixing duties at FOH alongside a pair of Bose L1 cabinets. The system also called on a Four Audio DB01, Avalon 747sp and Antelope atomic clock. The fibre network was from Optocore with this section of the loop calling on a DD32R and a pair of X6Rs. Finally, a pair of Shure URD4 wireless microphone systems were also deployed.

The pre-function area which was looked after by Protec’s Tim Allison also called on an L-Acoustics solution. This zone was served by 12 of the manufacturer’s 8XT cabinets with a further six 5XTs which were powered by three LA8 amplifiers. The solution for this zone also included an Optocore X6R, a Shure UR4D mic, a Sennheiser SR2050 IEM transmitter, an Allen & Heath MixWizard and a Pioneer CDJ2000.

The walkway joining these two zones also merited its own sound system. This space was served by four L-Acoustics 5XTs powered by an LA4 amp and on the fibre network thanks to an Optocore X6R.

Further down the canal, the legacy area provided a further space for Protec’s audio HOD Ed Ross to cover. L-Acoustics was once again the solution of choice, but this time Protec turned to its Kara and Arcs cabinets. The company deployed 12 Kara with four Arcs Wide and the same number of 12XTs. Low end was catered for by a pair of SB28s while power came from six LA8 amps. Control was via a DiGiCo SD11i console with the setup completed by a Mac Mini.

‘At legacy we provided a system to cover a large area around a sculpture, which was done effectively with Kara and Arcs,’ furthers Mr Dignan. ‘We also provided Qlab which ran the show and timecode which triggered LX, lasers and fireworks.’

The final aspect of audio supplied by Protec was the postproduction setup. This was based around Pro Tools 10 HD with a pair of Dynaudio studio monitors and a Sound Devices USBPre 2.

The high-profile nature of this event ensured that Protec were not alone in providing technical solutions and Mr Dignan believes the various teams combined well. ‘At the end of the day when it comes to a tech level we are all friends, there is no politics when we are on site,’ he observed. ‘Everyone understands why they are there and what their role is and everyone is there to help everyone else.’

With the opening ceremony successfully completed Mr Dignan is happy to reflect on a well-executed job. ‘The show was smooth, our client was happy and I feel we worked to a very high standard on all aspects of the gig, from appearance and tidiness, to sound quality across the site. The show itself wasn’t a challenging one for us but everything done before made everything on the night very easy.’

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