Radio Room goes live in Chennai with DAS Audio

Radio Room goes live in Chennai with DAS Audio

Published: ASIA

INDIA: New Chennai bar/restaurant, Radio Room, has been installed with a DAS sound system provided by regional distributor GM Audio Technics.

One of the people behind the new venue, located on the ground floor of a serviced apartment block in Chennai’s Santhome district, is Arun Prasad, aka DJ Chubby. ‘I’ve been a big fan of DAS Audio for some time,’ said Mr Prasad, who also runs a small PA rental company. ‘The support here from distributor GM Audio is good, and we are very happy with the system.’

Radio Room’s audio installation has been divided into two. A total of six Artec 8 speakers and an Action 218A subwoofer driven by two Audiocenter Pro 9.0 amplifiers comprise one system. This is used throughout the week for live DJs and background music as customers drop in for the restaurant’s inventive choice of cocktails and food. The main system – a DAS Event line array of two hangs, each comprising two 210A modules and a 218A subwoofer - mainly comes to life at busy times such as midweek nights and weekends. The installation is completed by a Behringer MX822 8-channel splitter/mixer.

‘We’ve used the MX822 as it allows us to balance the system so the music doesn’t get too loud,’ continues Mr Prasad. ‘We’ve had lots of positive comments from our customers about being able to converse over the music, which is one of the reasons we are careful about distributing the sound on weekdays.’

As Radio Room is based in a residential building with long stay guests on the floors above, one of the main priorities was soundproofing the space. For this task, Mr Prasad called upon Tamil Nadu-based consultancy Sound Wizard.

‘Quite a lot of the residents turn in early, when our music starts to kick in, and we don’t want to disturb them,’ says Mr Prasad. ‘That’s why we got in touch with Sound Wizard as we knew it had to be done properly.’

‘We’ve built a floating room inside the shell of the building space,’ explains Sound Wizard CEO, Kumbha Young Grenier. ‘The columns throughout the room are shielded, with staggered layers of plywood and plasterboard, the only contact between them being rubber so none of the vibrations travel up through the building. We’ve used lots of rubber throughout the venue, in the walls, ceiling and even the trusses, as we needed to stop the sound energy getting into the structure and travelling upstairs.’

The acoustic design for Radio Room took into account that it would sometimes be used as a live music venue. To facilitate this, one end of the room has been equipped with a small stage, with the appropriate wiring and connectors in place to host live performances.

‘We’ve only been open a month and a half, and the bar is so busy on our regular DJ nights that we haven’t introduced any live events yet, though this will happen as we become more established,’ says Mr Prasad.

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