Raleigh-Cary Jewish Community Center begins renovations with new sound system

Raleigh-Cary Jewish Community Center begins renovations with new sound system

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USA: Occupying approximately 121,000 in Raleigh, North Carolina is the campus of the Raleigh-Cary Jewish Community Center. The campus includes walking trails, an amphitheatre, a basketball court, a playground and a stocked lake, in addition to an outdoor swimming pool and the Steven N Guld Family Center, which were both the subject of recent renovations.

The updates to the 100-seat multi-purpose hall and the pool are the start of a much larger expansion project that the community has decided to undertake. Part of the improvements to these two areas of the campus involved new sound reinforcement systems and saw local A/V systems integrator Avant Systems Integration contracted to design and install the new audio setup.

‘Designing the system for the multi-purpose room was challenging because of all the various ways in which they hoped to use it,’ recalls Avant’s president, Scott Carneval. ‘First, they wanted a solid 5.1 surround sound system for movie nights, but that potentially conflicted with its use for presentations and meetings, where a distributed system would normally be the solution.’

With the specification in hand, the Avant team opted for a 5.1 Danley surround system to cater to the hall’s needs and selected an Ashly Audio solution to handle DSP, amplification and user control. ‘We were able to call on Danley’s uniquely accurate phase coherence, which reduces feedback in the first place, and on Ashly’s effective feedback suppression software for anything the Danleys didn’t keep from popping up,’ notes Mr Carneval.

Outside for the pool area, a Danley OS-80 fully-weatherised loudspeaker was deployed, also controlled and powered via the Ashly solution. ‘The folks at the community centre originally wanted a distributed sound system for the pool,’ Mr Carneval explains. ‘But the cost of wiring the whole thing made the Danley OS-80 the more cost-effective option, not to mention the fact that they have plans to replace the pool in the next several years. The OS-80 covers the entire area, and it covers it with way better sound quality than they would have got with a conventional distributed system. Danley’s mounting hardware made it easy to attach the OS-80 to the side of the nearest building.’

The Ashly solution installed comprises a Pema 4125 Protea-equipped 8x8 matrix digital processor and media amplifier. This receives inputs from two Shure handheld and two lavalier wireless microphones via an antenna setup that covers both the pool area and the multi-purpose hall, as well as inputs from various sources of music, such as the Sonos Connect network media player. The Pema 4125’s amplifier channels are programmed to power a series of ceiling speakers in overflow rooms that adjoin the hall and the snack shop beside the pool, while two of its DSP outputs are fed to an Ashly ne8250.pe network amplifier, which in turn powers five Danley SH-Micro loudspeakers and a Danley CS-30 subwoofer.

The additional six inputs remaining on the ne8250.pe are used to receive the output from a Denon DN-500AV surround-sound preamplifier, which has been setup in such a way that the 5.1 signal never leaves the halls. The option is also available for the campus’ A/V team to route any other input from anywhere else in the facility to the ne8250.pe. From there, signals are routed to a pair of loudspeakers at the front of the hall, where presentations are delivered using a Da-Lite motorised screen and a Hitachi CP-WX8255A projector that are fed with video outputs from a Blu-ray player, an Apple TV and a computer.

‘We wanted Ashly’s sophisticated equalisation and dynamics processing to really tune the system properly,’ says Mr Carneval. ‘Although we briefly considered using a generic A/V receiver for the 5.1 system, we needed Ashly’s power to drive the system with enough headroom.’

Meanwhile, another output from the Pema 4125 feeds an Ashly KLR-3200 amplifier, which itself powers the Danley OS-80 at poolside. Providing control for the whole system is Ashly’s iOS app.

‘We originally planned to have a third-party controller that would control the video and audio systems together, but they couldn’t swing it, budget wise, which is why Ashly’s free iPad app is such a game changer,’ states Mr Carneval. ‘As far as the audio is concerned, it’s better than any third-party controller, and it allowed us to stay within budget while still making it easy for the staff to use. There’s a separate page for each room, with source select, volume, and mute. There’s nothing else for them to worry about or be confused by.’

With the new audio solutions successfully implemented, the client is reportedly happy and plans for similar systems in the next phases of renovation to the campus.


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