RCF walks D-Line

RCF walks D-Line


RCF has a new flagship D-Line system in the form of the large format HDL50-A three-way active line array module. The system comes with individually flightcased CR16-ND PR-63 control and power racks, providing optimisation and control via the proprietary RDNet Control 8.

The Control Rack is equipped with the DX 1616 16x16 matrix processor, which supports AES-EBU, Ethernet and Dante networking and outputs the signals through LK25 25-pin connectors. In addition to the RDNet Ethernet, the signal feeds from the Control Rack are routed to the matrix processor and the arrays courtesy of the LK25 cables.

The Power Rack provides 63A power distribution via four LKS 19-pin connectors to the left and right PA arrays, the stage system and subwoofers. A separate 32A feed powers the array’s motor chain lifts, whilst six PowerCon cables serve as auxiliary feeds to the fills and monitors. The system can drive up to 48 HDL50-A and 48 SUB 9007-AS components

In addition to complementing the SUB 9007-AS, the HDL53-AS has been designed as a flyable bass extension for the HDL50-A. Comprising three 12-inch woofers and powered by Class-D digital amplification, the HDL53-A extends the frequency range down to 35Hz, whilst sharing the same enclosure dimensions as the HDL50-A.

Additionally, the HDL50-A can operate with the smaller SUB 9006-AS, integrating dual 18-inch long excursion neodymium woofers with 4-inch voice coils and a 1,800W (AES) RMS amplifier.

Accessories for the system include an HDL50-A fly bar including pick-up and Quick Lock pin, a transport cart and cover for four HDL50-A cabinets together with rain covers for the signal and AC power panels.

The control and power packages are compatible with the existing HDL20-A and HDL10-A D-Lines in addition to the TTL55-A and TTL33-A line arrays.

Extending its D-Line series within the HDL family, RCF is shipping a mini format system comprising the HDL6-A active two-way line array with the HDL12-AS subwoofer. Powered by an internal 350W (AES) digital power module, the HDL6-A features dual 6.5-inch neodymium woofers with a 1-inch compression driver and 1.7-inch voicecoil coupled to a 100-degrees x 10-degrees waveguide. Neutrik PowerCon connectors provide amplifier signal inputs and outputs. The rear panel also includes a volume control and two presets for linear nearfield pole mount/floor-standing together with an HF boost for longer distances.

The Italian manufacturer believes that the HDL6-A distinguishes itself in terms of output power, LF extension and vocal clarity owing to the low frequency crossover point of around 1kHz. The two 6.5-inch woofers provide horizontal coverage of 100-degrees, whilst the system has inter-cabinet splay angles that can be adjusted in 1-degrees increments between 1-degree and 10-degrees on the vertical. Weighing 11.5kg, the enclosure is outfitted with fixed locking pins together with two rear handles.

Powered by an internal 350W (AES) Class-D amplifier module, the HDL12-AS subwoofer provides low frequency extension. The 12-inch bass reflex polypropylene enclosure can be flown with the full range system courtesy of four quick-lock front pins. Flexibility of use has been provided for the HDL12-AS via a pole mounting accessory, M20 eyebolt thread, steel/rubber top handle and rubber feet.

Away from D-Line, the TTL6-A three-way active line source combines dual 12-inch woofers, four 6.5-inch midrange elements and a 1.4-inch compression driver with waveguide. With the addition of the TTL6-AS bass module, the low frequencies have been further extended down to 35Hz. Housed in an identical enclosure allowing the TTL6-AS to be flown, three independent Class-D switch mode amplifiers power the three 12-inch woofers. RDNet processing is included with volume control and 12 EQ presets, as are Neutrik PowerCon I/O connectors.

For flown applications, the TTL6-AS can be configured in 2-degree incremental steps from 0-degrees to 10-degrees, for which the splays have been integrated into the cabinet. Enclosed in birch plywood and finished in dark grey polyurea coating, the cabinet includes recessed rear aluminium handles.


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