SF hits the mall

SF hits the mall

Published: MEA

TURKEY: SF Ses ve Işık Sistemleri A.Ş was approached to install new sound, lighting, video and evacuation systems at Meydan Istanbul AVM in the Ümraniye district of the city. The client specified Harman products, particularly JBL for the audio solutions.

‘They wanted lighting and sound systems for the stage area with an LED screen, a sound system to cover the whole shopping mall and an emergency evacuation and announcement system for the parking areas and lavatories,’ recalled Ferhan Kayral, CTO at SF. ‘They also required a system for the offices and the office restaurant.’

The sound system installed across the mall comprises a total of 40 JBL Control CRV units. In addition six AM5212/95-WRC loudspeakers from JBL, mounted on MTU-3 U-brackets, a pair of STX828S subwoofers, powered by two XTI 2002 and one XTI 6002 amplifiers from Crown were also installed. As were six Near IGS12 outdoor speakers and IE1 junction boxes in addition to four of JBL’s AWC82-BK all-weather cabinets. Three CDi 1000 amps and an XLS 1500 provided additional power. This setup was complemented by custom systems from SF as well as Asrack and Neutrik solutions.

The indoor parking area is served by 110 JBL Control 25T, powered by Crown CDi 1000 amplifiers. Meanwhile, the outdoor parking space features 89 of Near’s IG6 and 119 IE1 speakers, 30 IGS12, 25 JBL CSS-H30 with power via Crown's CDi 6000 amps. SF deployed 14 JBL Control 23T and MTC-23CM as well as three LD Systems SUB 88 subwoofers and Crown CDi 1000 and XLS 1000 amps in the mall’s indoor parking services area. In the indoor WC areas, 24 JBL Control 24CT, 22 8124 and a Control 50S/T were implemented again powered by Crown CDi 1000s.

In addition to JBL’s Control 25 and Control 19CST, the seminar room in the mall’s office has been equipped with a Crown XLI 1500, BSS Blu-3 wall panel, Soundcraft EPM 6mixer and an AKG WMS420 Presenter Set. Control 25T and 8128 cabinets cover the corridors, while the staff restaurant is fitted with six C65P/T speakers, a CDi 1000 amp and a Blu-3 system.

While the staff have their own place to eat, shoppers can choose from the options available in the venue’s food court. This is covered sound wise by C65P/T, MTC-PC60, 8124, Control 25T, Control 50S/T and Control CRV cabinets from JBL, powered by Crown CDi 1000 and 2000 amps. Control is via a Bosch LBC1411/10 solution.

The evacuation system is divided into four zones and consists exclusively of Harman branded products. Zone One features PDC-100, PDC-DSP, DT-715 and DTE-710 systems from Harman’s IDX Information Delivery series, as well as BSS Blu-160, BLUAEC-IN, BLUCARD-IN and Blu-BOB2 solutions and an AKG PZM11 LL WR weather resistant mic. Zones Two, Three and Four all call upon different combinations of the BSS and AKG systems.

On the lighting side, SF deployed all Martin solutions, including Rush MH 3 Beams, Par 1 RGBW and PAR 2 RGBW Zoom fixtures with a Martin DMX 5.3 Splitter and Light Jockey II control software.

‘The installation took approximately three to four months,’ confirmed Mr Kayral. ‘There were some concerning issues - one was that the distances between zones were very far - thus special cabling had to be used. All data was carried through fibre optics. We could only work at night-time. And because the shopping mall was mainly outdoors all products had to be durable to all weather conditions.’


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