Showtech covers Narendra Modi

Showtech covers Narendra Modi

Published: MEA

UAE: Dubai-based rental house, Showtech Electronics, supplied the audio system to support the recent speech by Indian prime minister Narendra Modi at the Dubai International Stadium. The rental house opted to use its JBL VTX system to reinforce the speech.

Mr Modi's two-day visit was the first to the UAE by an Indian premiere in 34 years and his speech saw tens of thousands of Indian ex-patriates assemble at the stadium. To cover the large crowd, Showtech flew 12 VTX V25 per side for the main PA, supplemented by eight ground-stacked VTX S28 subs per side. A further eight V25s were used for delays at 70m and the whole system was powered by Crown HD-12000 amplifiers.

'VTX has a lot of power and has a good throw over the coverage area with excellent sound quality. Needless to add, the delays covered the general audience seating,' recalled Showtech head of audio, Wasim Shaikh. 'The system was positioned in a way to reduce the slap back from the canopy covering the stadium with great success. Since the event was broadcast live, we tried different sub configurations until we found the one that worked best.'

To supplement the VTX system, Showtech used eight Vertec VT4888 with four VT4882 subs as frontfill. The lower balcony required a further 20 VT4889 with 10 VT4880 subs while the second floor balcony was supplemented with 32 JBL Eon cabinets. The system was processed using XTA DP 448 audio management systems. Four covered the main PA and field while a fifth handled the balcony and fills. A Soundcraft Vi6 was the console of choice for FOH duties while a Vi1 was also on hand as a backup.

On stage, JBL VRX 915M and VP 7212MDP wedge monitors provided fold back while Shure PSM 1000 in-ear monitors were also called into action. The mic package drew heavily on wireless Shure models with additional DPA headsets also used.

The biggest challenge for the event, which also included a concert of cultural performances, was the high temperature. 'The conditions during the day were not favourable as the temperature exceeded 40-degrees,' said Mr Shaikh. 'Additional fans were required to keep the electronics at a working temperature. The performance of JBL was highly reliable.'

One of the most interesting aspects of the event was the decision to use VTX for speech reinforcement. 'The VTX system successfully demonstrated its versatility while handling many different types of programme material at the event including the main speech and live performance,' reflected Mr Shaikh. 'The system handled beautifully and the experience was an excellent one.'

'It was great to see Showtech using JBL for this event,' added Faegh Fowzi from GSL Professional, Harman's local distributor. 'Not only does it strengthen JBL's position in the market as a valuable product to have in your kit, it also highlights that it is adaptable for speech also. I think we will see much more of the JBL being used in this way and Showtech really knows how to get the best out of a system.'

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