Your Vision Sound Solutions on the wharf

Your Vision Sound Solutions on the wharf

Published: ASIA

AUSTRALIA: Newcastle-based harbour-front restaurant Scratchley’s On The Wharf has recently expanded with the addition of a new bar, named Battlesticks at Scratchley’s as well as new function rooms and kitchens. With the construction came the opportunity to extend and update the venue’s A/V systems, leading to the installation by Your Vision Sound Solutions of an integrated Harman solution, which was supplied by Jands.

‘The new development has doubled Scratchley’s footprint,’ explained Your Vision Sound Solutions owner Brett Coxon. ‘Battlesticks has raked ceilings on a 15-degree angle, with walls at 45-degrees to the architectural “wings” that extend outside. There’s geometrically patterned acoustic tiles, and a strong aesthetic.’

The ‘wings’ protrude from the building at an angle, serving as a form of sunshade, providing the venue with an ‘opera house’ look. A range of events are hosted at Battlesticks and the design brief called for a system that could allow performers to play at the venue without the need to bring their own equipment, as well as one that would fit with the aesthetics.

‘I chose JBL Control 65P/T pendant speakers to fit in with the décor, and they really suit the room. The architect loved the idea and actually complemented the finished result,’ said Mr Coxon. ‘The space has a clean palette, with lots of white. We used white pendants and a silver-tinged figure-eight, double insulated cable to run down to the speakers. They’re all running on 100V line, tapped at 60W.

‘I set up four input channels on a BSS-Blu 101 DSP that are patched via two XLRs, labelled mic one and two, and two combo jack/XLR connectors for instruments,’ he continued. ‘All the performers need to do is plug in their microphones, guitars, or keys. They’re then handed an iPad running Harman’s HiQnet software with a simple mixer interface. They have an output to stage for monitoring via a JBL Eon 610 as foldback.’

The bar area is covered by five of the Control 65P/T pendants and supplemented by Control 60PS/T pendant subwoofers. ‘The pedants cover a circular area of about 5m in diameter each at ear-height,’ noted Mr Coxon. ‘We positioned the subs in the middle of the room, and we’ve got excellent coverage.’

The pre-existing parts of Scratchley’s were updated, with JBL Control 45C/T ceiling speakers installed on the flat-roof sections and Control 8128 and 8124 ceiling speakers deployed in the bathrooms and kitchens. Outside, running along the promenade beside the harbour, are Control 25AV compact outdoor speakers that serve as a paging system for the restaurant’s take-away window.

A Crown DCI8|300N amplifier forms the basis of the multi-zone solution employed, delivering 300W per channel. It is able to meet the requirements of the speaker system in each zone as it can switch between 100V line and low ohm operation in pairs. Meanwhile, a pair of JBL CSA 280 amplifiers feed the kitchens and bathrooms. All processing is via the BSS-Blu 101 DSP.

‘The BSS Blu-101 and DCi8|300 combine the function rooms when the partitions are opened,’ furthered Mr Coxon. ‘There’s a local input in each zone, with iPad control, and a master PC in the main rack. Each zone has source selection and volume control, which can be isolated to local or combined from the other rooms, with each also having the ability to bring in the feed from the bar or restaurant. If it’s busy, every space can combine to become part of the restaurant or part of bar. Even the kitchens have their own independent speakers, inputs and volume controls, which means we can automatically schedule them to clone the main areas at a lower volume during service.’

Following the installation, Mr Coxon reflected on the service received from Jands. ‘We use more or less the same system in all our venues, and have found that with one supplier, you support them and you get the support back,’ he said. ‘That’s what we’ve got with Jands – they’re the only supplier who can cover all the bases of what we do. They’ve been excellent with loan stock, demos and support.’

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