La Mesa provides sound for Keroncong Ibukota concert

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La Mesa provides sound for Keroncong Ibukota concert

INDONESIA: La Mesa was recently called upon to handle the sound system and the recording of the Keroncong Ibukota music concert held in the Schouwburg Weltevreden art building in central Java.

As there were approximately 48 channel mic inputs in use for the multiple performances, La Mesa decided that using a digital console was ‘a must’, and supplied an Innovason Eclipse internal 64-track recorder to record the two-hour concert.

‘Some performers brought in their own monitor engineer, but thanks to the 80-channel Innovason Eclipse console, the learning curve was easy,’ said a La Mesa spokesperson. ‘After using the console for the morning sound check the engineer complimented how fast and flexible the Eclipse console was.’

Eight separate monitor sends were utilised, and variety of microphones from DPA, Shure, Mipro, Sennheiser, Sanken Microphones and CAD Audio were also used for the performances. All signals were split through a 48-way conquest mic splitter in order to insure correct impedance. An Avid Venue D-Show console was used for FOH, which was linked to the house PA system comprising a centre cluster and two delay speakers.

‘The two hour full house concert was captured without a glitch,’ enthused the La Mesa spokesperson. ‘Everyone was happy with the concert, and it is now a yearly event.’