Masato Suzuki invests in Genelec for Tokyo studio

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Masato Suzuki invests in Genelec for Tokyo studio

JAPAN: Japanese music producer, Masato Suzuki, recently invested in two Genelec 8050A two-way monitor speakers for his studio in Tokyo. The studio is equipped with a range of high-end outboard gear, turntables and vintage rhythm machines, and is where Mr Suzuki produces all of his music, including composing, track making, recording, mixing and mastering.

Mr Suzuki auditioned several speakers from other manufacturers before settling on the 8050As, but selected the Genelec option upon deciding that they satisfied his requirements for near-field application and for main monitors in a project studio.

‘The clean bass provides a clearer perspective that enables me to control low frequencies with ease,’ Mr Suzuki explained. ‘Since mid-low registers are very important in hip hop, R&B and dance music, this helps me a lot. Furthermore, Genelec speakers have a flat frequency response and are true to original sounds. This is very useful in the mastering process as everything flows more smoothly.

‘Before installing the Genelec speakers I frequently worked with headphones,’ he added. ‘But now I have the 8050As, I am increasingly using the speakers in mastering too.’

Mr Suzuki has worked with a range of Japanese hip hop and R&B artists, including Muro, DJ Hazime, Misia, Namie Amuro and Daichi Miura, as well as artists outside Japan such as Kat DeLuna and Ahmir.