Acoustic Control provides sound for Ernie Haase & Signature Sound


Acoustic Control provides sound for Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

INDIA: Acoustic Control’s rental division provided the sound and lighting equipment for a recent performance by gospel quartet Ernie Haase & Signature Sound at the Bethel AG International Worship Centre in Bangalore. This marked the group’s first performance in India.

The experienced gospel group have won multiple GMA Dove Awards and recently received a Grammy Award nomination. As such, the group requested a specific technical rider in order to ensure a true reproduction of their sound at the 3,000 person capacity church.

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound approached Acoustic Control for the project having heard of the company’s positive reputation in Bangalore, who was able to accommodate the group’s technical rider as well as provide its technical crew for the performance.

Adhering to the rider, the rental division supplied Shure UHF U4D wireless systems for the main vocals along with AKG in-ear monitors for each of the four singers and all musicians. AKG D7 mics were also provided for backing vocals, along with two AKG C 414 XLS large diaphragm condenser mics for the grand piano. Meanwhile, an assortment of AKG, Electro-Voice and further Shure microphones were used for guitars and drums with Klark Teknik DI boxes.

For the main PA system, a number of JBL VerTec VT4889 large format line array speakers were supplied along with various ground-stacked Electro-Voice subwoofers for the low end. JBL VRX915M two-way monitor wedges were provided for foldback downstage, and all speakers were powered by Crown amplifiers.

An Avid Venue SC48 digital mixer was described as ‘the heart of the sound system’, which was also utilised in the monitor position. ‘The SC48 is a versatile mixing desk with an intuitive workflow and pristine studio quality plugins,’ said Sanjay Mudhartha, director and sound engineer, Acoustic Control. ‘It provides a great sound and uncomplicated handling which allowed Stephen Corr – EHSS’ FOH engineer – to focus on creating the mix rather than spending time operating the desk. Also, Steven commented that VerTec VT4889s sounded great!

‘Getting the vocal mix right for an all-male quartet is crucial because each of the singers has his own timbre, and it has to sit just right in the overall sonic space,’ he continued. ‘The songs have a lot of harmonies in them, and it was equally important to ensure the vocals were clear because gospel music carries messages that have to reach the audience.’

For the lighting, Acoustic Control supplied ‘an exhaustive’ list of conventional lighting fixtures and intelligent lights, including LED Pars, moving head beams and moving head washes.

‘Over the years, we have updated our rental inventory in-keeping with the times, and we can cater to most tour riders,’ explained Mr Mudhartha. ‘The result is that we get to be a part of good productions and bands, which is of course why we love to be in this business.’