New in-ear monitors from Jump Audio


New in-ear monitors from Jump Audio

The Jump Audio RXM is a wired in-ear monitor system which acts as a remote volume control for a headphone amp for live or studio situations.

The RXM system is a simple, passive system that requires no batteries. It comes with two components, the RXM Bodypack and the RXM Cable. The RXM Cable is a TRS to XLR Mogami cable. The XLR connector plugs into the RXM Bodypack while the TRS connector plugs into any headphone output. The RXM Bodypack has a single volume knob for volume control. It is available with either a 3.5mm headphone jack, for live situations, or a ¼-inch headphone jack for studio applications. There are two moulded belt clips for and all the ¼-inch and XLR ends and plugs are roadworthy Neutrik connectors.

The IXM is a wired in-ear monitor system that combines an instrument cable and an in-ear monitor cable into one custom cable. This allows users to send a guitar signal down the cable and an in-ear monitor signal up the same cable.  

The IXM uses two main components, the IXM Bodypack and the IXM Cable. The IXM Cable connects to the IXM Bodypack on one end and has a Y breakout on the other end. The Y breakout is a standard ¼-inch mono connector and a ¼-inch TRS stereo connector. Once a guitar is plugged into the IXM Bodypack, the guitar signal is carried through the bodypack, down the IXM Cable and then out the standard ¼-inch mono connector. Meanwhile, the in-ear monitor signal, from any headphone amp, is delivered to the IXM Cable via the ¼-inch TRS connector. This signal runs up the cable, through the IXM Bodypack and out a standard 3.5mm headphone jack on the bodypack. There is a volume control knob for this in-ear monitor signal on the IXM Bodypack.

The system also includes an 18-inch Mogami patch cable to plug a guitar into the IXM Bodypack and a Neutrik NYS238 ¼-inch to 1/4 inch-barrel adapter to receive an in-ear monitor mix from a male TRS ¼-inch connector.


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