PMC adds to twotwo range


PMC adds to twotwo range

PMC has released the twotwo sub1 subwoofer, the latest addition to its three-strong twotwo range of active nearfield monitors.

The new twotwo sub1 is stated to be a low-distortion, active subwoofer featuring PMC’s proprietary ATL bass-loading technology. It has a Class-D amplifier, DSP filtering and bass management. The built-in amplifier delivers 400W of power to the sub, with its frequency response ranging from 22Hz up to 200Hz. PMC state that as with all its ATL designs, the tonal balance of the output remains consistent at all listening levels.

The sub features an AES3 XLR input with a built-in high-quality sample rate converter capable of accepting digital signals at sample rates up to 192kHz. A pair of balanced stereo analogue inputs on XLRs is also available, with both sets of inputs remaining active regardless of which sources are connected. The digital input is also passed through to the sub’s analogue and digital outputs for connection with other devices, allowing the twotwo sub1 to be used as a D/A convertor to drive other analogue monitors from a digital stream if required. Switching between sources is carried out from the rear panel or from the optional desktop twotwo remote. Lastly, a single parametric equaliser is provided to assist with in-room alignment, and the analogue and digital outputs can be high-pass filtered to feed satellite speakers in a 2.1 configuration.

The sub1 has two long-throw bespoke PMC bass drivers. It can be deployed in a 2.1 configuration with twotwo series monitors – twotwo.5, twotwo.6 and twotwo.8 – to gain extra bass extension and headroom, or reproduce the LFE channel in a surround monitoring system.

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