A&H recalls the Auckland Folk Festival

Published: ASIA

NEW ZEALAND: Allen & Heath digital mixing consoles took control of the audio at all three stages for the recent Auckland Folk Festival. Selected by PA Company, SoundandLight.co.nz, Qu-32s were installed at FOH and monitors on each stage, with AR2412 and AR84 racks for additional remote I/O.

‘I have managed the folk festival for about 15 years. It requires 14 hours of mixing a day so reliability is key, which is why we have always used A&H mixers,’ commented Dave Hodge, director and engineer at SoundandLight.co.nz. ‘Due to the fabulous recall ability, we just use the compact Qu-32 at FOH and monitors. Set up is so easy with scene recall for each band, song, individual instrument, and even a “just in case” scenario, as acoustic groups often bring on an additional guest player. Two iPads are also an integral part of my set up, one to control the matrixes, sub send and groups, and another to manage effects sends/returns and stereo returns for MCs and background music.’


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